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Sam (Patient) 10-31-2014
I am not someone to write reviews, however my experience with Dr. Jean Pierre Hubschman cannot go unmentioned. I won’t take the time, or the space, to provide a detailed account of my eye situation, but after repeat nagging from my wife, I decided to get a second opinion at the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute. The mere fact that I was able to schedule an appointment almost immediately, and then the NEXT DAY be scheduled for a surgery was unbelievable. I am so thankful, and owe him my eyesight, and my return to normal life. Dr. Hubschman is gentle, thorough, polite, good-mannered, to say the least… knows his stuff. He came well recommended. Immediately upon meeting him, he put me at ease with his gentle manner. It also helped, and meant so much, that he could speak French, my native language. His caring explanation of exactly what was wrong with my eye, why I couldn’t see, and what we were going to do about it. The entire process has been very much a partnership, he brings in the knowhow and the expertise, and I do what he says.

It has not been an easy process, my situation was complicated, but I do not regret choosing Dr. Hubschman for my surgery, and continued process of my healing. I trust him with my sight and I have no doubt that he was the best surgeon I could find.

Alex, his assistant, is also top notch, makes the phone calls that are necessary and he deals with the insurance, with I very much appreciate, because of the complexity that is involved.

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Cindy (Patient) 05-09-2014
Dr. Hubschman performed surgery on both of my eyes, I was prepared for my previous Dr. to do the surgery initially and then it was discovered that I not only had a hemorrhage in my left eye but also a cataract. Dr. Hubschman came highly recommended to perform these two delicate surgeries simultaneously, I was apprehensive at first, then I met him...what a great guy. Both Doctors reassured me he was the man for the job as you see, I think I always need a guarantee that everything will be fine and if I would regain my vision. I cried, I laughed, I was constantly asking for advice/questions and my most important question was am I going to be blind? With all my constant fears, Dr. Hubschman was the most compassionate, patient individual, something I really appreciate and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is apprehensive or thinks there is no help for them...he is your man!

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NCLemoine (Friend) 01-23-2013
When my husband started having problems with his eyesight he, being diabetic, resigned himself to losing it (his vision) completely.
Enter Dr. Hubschman and his life changed completely. The surgery, in both eyes, restored his vision and gave him the confidence in a clear visual future. Dr. JPH out-of-this-world expertise is nothing short of miraculous!
To top this off the good doctor is informative, patient to no end, even with people (like ourselves) that inquire about everything! Fortunately for us, he also has a sense of humor!
He exudes confidence in himself and in modern medicine. The procedures that he performed were extremely delicate and the latest in medical technology. Briefly, he removed the vitreous humor (the gel inside the eye), scraped the retina to remove a membrane that covered it, and fixed the retina in place with laser.Scary to think about it!
We are profoundly grateful for all that he has done and we want to encourage anyone to see him or, at least, to get his opinion.
Dr. JP, you are amazing!!!

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philip b (Friend) 12-11-2012
I strongly recommend this doctor.

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Jeremy B (Patient) 10-29-2011
I have been diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) in August 2008. I was then referred to Dr. Jean-Pierre Hubschman, MD [ophthalmologist, retina-specialist] at the Jules Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles, CA. When I first arrived, my eye-sight of the left eye was 20/40, I saw straight lines as waves and a dark spot remained in the middle of my vision. Without active intervention, I would go blind in a short time.
Dr. Hubschman, after analyzing pictures [Optical Coherence Tomography] and an extensive examination of my eyes, explained to me that my treatment would consist of injections in the eyes. Scary!
He gave me the first shot of Avastin in the left eye. I did not feel anything. Dr. Hubschman must have the lightest hand in the world!
One month later, my eye-sight had improved to 20/30. Dr. Hubschman gave me the same treatment, and again a month later my vision improved to 20/25. One month later again, same scenario; my vision was 20/20, the straight lines remained straight, the black area had disappeared.
I continue to see Dr. Hubschman regularly. I am writing this now in October 2011. Still 20/20!!!
Dr. Hubschman has yanked me away from the abyss of blindness. Without his expertise, his skill and his light hand I would now have to live in darkness, in distress, in despair and die in discontent.
Yes, Dr. Hubschman, M.D. is an ophthalmologist, a retina-specialist, and to me, a healer and miracle worker.

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Robert V (Patient) 10-12-2011
Dr. Jean-Pierre Hubschman is an assistant professor of Retina and Vitreous Surgery at UCLA. He performs surgeries as well. I have learned a number of the Ophthalmology "Super Specialists" at UCLA Jules Stein Institute are considered to be top of the line in their respective specialties. Dr. Hubschman surgical skills of retina and vitreous surgery goes way above all the others. My eye was seriously injured with a needle. I went completely blind in my left eye the moment it happened. Dr. Hubschman performed emergency surgery on that eye and after a recovery period the eye is good as new and my eyesight has been restored. His department head at UCLA Jules Stein says Dr. Hubschman is considered to be the best in his field of expertise. I can testify to that. He is very gentle and caring to each and every one of his patients. I highly recommend this surgeon if you may need surgery in his area of expertise. If it can be done........he can and will do it.

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