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deb (Patient) 01-24-2012
This was my doctor of 6 years and a caring good hearted christian woman who fell victim to the War on Doctors with the DEA and Arkansas Medical Board destroying her life as well as the 200+ patients she took care of. Her license was Emergency Suspended for bogus charges after they were unable to get her for overprescribing, an emergency suspension action was put against her for paperwork violations which is a joke since I never been to a doctor where More paperwork was required. The result of this Emergency Action for the PUblic Good resulted in 4 of her chronic pain patients dying and me having to go on disability and my health going from first time since 21 having a life to serious wish I were dead condition in less then a year. She treated my complete medical needs and after her illegal removal from practice, I could not afford the 4 doctors it would take to replace her, have been stuck going to an overpriced pill mill 3 hours from my home where the idea of an exam is to check for track marks and ignore any other medical needs except writing my 2 scripts for pain medication. When I had to go to ER for Pnemonia treatment despite not asking nor receiving pain meds, I was accused of violating my pain contract, serious complications from the antibiotic were ignored and I was accused of attacking an office manager that is 3x my size. Caring doctors such as Denise are having there lives destroyed while greedy pill mills take there place and cut back meds to pain sufferers while dealers with money to burn seem to walk out with handfuls of scripts. Talk about job security the DEA war on Doctors has created an epidemic, turned legitimate pain patients into criminals and when pain medications are no longer obtainable, decide to end there lives rather then suffer in agony worse then death. Good luck getting a pain pill anywhere as this War on Doctors ravages the country and people and good doctors are victims in the wake of this insantity

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