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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Colorado Colorado Springs

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(City : Colorado Springs)
(ZIP : 80903)
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Larry Brent NORFLEET MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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My Body My Choice (Patient) 04-01-2012
Dr. Norfleet came highly recommended by several collegues to assist me with options to treat dysmenorrhea, because of his skill and experience. He was very thorough in taking my history, hearing ALL of my concerns before treating me or even making suggestions of any kind. Dr. Norfleet was very precise, informing me of ALL of the options available. I appreciated his ability to inform without hinting at any of my own suspicions to be either correct or incorrect of what was causing the dysmenorrhea. He was not to guess at the diagnosis of endometriosis being at the root of the dysmenorrhea, however he also provided me the options known to treat the condition and explained that there was no way to diagnose endometriosis without a surgery. He presented my options, and set my mind at ease regarding some personal choices I'd made not being penance for my suffering. He was precice. I was informed that he is at the top of his field as for skill, knowledge, and treatment options but was cold, and clinical with bedside manner, somewhat arrogant...HOWEVER I found that, he was quite plesant in demeanor, and was confident rather than arrogant, and professional. He prepared me for what to expect very well and I've had no surprises...Ultimately, I opted for laprascopic supra cervical hysterectomy rather than hysteroscopy after much research and debate over the two options, he gave me guidance of LSH being the most effective to resolve my symptoms. He was not pushy, and encouraged me to research before choosing, offered to answer any and every question I had. He was sensitive and caring. I went to the OR, I was confident, but frightened, never having surgery before. He had calming, music playing to soothe me (not sure how he knew but one of my favorite artists), he held my hand and let me know he'd take care of me well. The last I remember before I woke was him saying that and holding my hand, joking about how my anestesiologyst was sneaky. I woke up and all he'd prepared me for was exactly what occured. I've had no surprises in my recovery. His staff is wonderful in manner, extreemly professional and worked hard to support me, assisted me with my reluctant insurance company to recieve approval regarding my medical needs. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND ANY WOMAN EXPERIENCING ANY CONCERNS GYN RELATED TO SEE DR. NORFLEET. ESPECIALLY IF YOU MAY NEED A SURGICAL PROCEDURE...SOMETIMES DOCS ARE CALLED "COLD OR ARROGANT" HOWEVER THIS SHOULDN'T BE MISTAKEN FOR CONFIDENCE THAT COMES FROM EXPERIENCE, NOR THE WORK THEY'RE TASKED WITH WHEN DEALING WITH SOMETHING SUCH AS THIS YOU WANT A DOC TO PROVIDE YOU WITH CLINICAL INFO, OPTIONS AND ENCOURAGEMENT TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE AFTER LEARNING MORE ABOUT LONG TERM RESULTS, RATHER THAN TO MAKE HARD CHOICES ON THE SPOT. One last thing...HE HAS THE MOST AMAZING BLUE EYE'S! The only suggestion I would make would be more related to improving the office environment to be supportive of breastfeeding support, by either not... [<a href='read.php?taid=12846'>more..</a>]

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Full-Time Hospital Staff
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209 S Nevada Ave El Paso Colorado Springs CO 80903
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(719) 4757700
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(719) 4751241

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Univ Of Ky Coll Of Med, Lexington Ky 40536
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(46 years of experience)

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