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Patrick YEUNG MD
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Patrick YEUNG MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri

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Amber (Patient) 02-13-2013
Dr. Yeung was very easy to communicate with via all methods provided (email, telephone)I traveled about 800 miles to be treated by him because he was the closest specialist in my insurance network. I have no regrets! Gladly he was very personable, informative, professional yet familiar. He was very punctual for the office visits.

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Sarah L (Patient) 01-11-2013
Dr. Yeung saved me. I was suffering after having a tubal ligation,D&C and NovaSure ablation in 2011. Every doctor and hospital I went to said there was nothing wrong with me, to which Mercy Hospital in St. Louis Missouri labeled me as a pill head and told me that the pains were inside my head! I found Dr. Yeung through Google and seen his schooling and training. My first appointment with him he assured me that no It's not in my head and I not crazy I had a real problem. He scheduled my surgery and on the morning of it I was so scared. He took the time to comfort me then asked if he could pray over me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from any kind of OB/GYN issues. His specialty is Endometriosis and he has published articles out on the SILS procedure.

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Tiffany (Patient) 08-21-2012
Dr. Yeung is a endometriosis specialist in St. Louis who specializes in laparoscopic excision surgery. He spent over an hour with me pre-op to take my history and answer my questions. I never felt rushed. I had had 3 surgeries prior to this one with other doctors, so from past experience I can safely say he did an amazing job!

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