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Katrina A B (Patient) 12-07-2012
Dr Jim Savage is a fantasic Oral surgeon especially if you suffer from TMJ.
About 12 yrs ago my jaw locked up no one knew why, Dr Jim sent me to physical therapy without success. He ordered a moving MRI and brought his partner in for another opinion, my jaw on the right had grown together and both sides the disc was out (bulging) The entire Staff from front office staff to Doctors and Nurses are all gentle, patient and wonderful to work with. My daughter had to have wisdom teeth removed at 15, yes very young, it turned out to be a difficult procedure and after he said good call Mom. Every one of my siblings has had the same problem had we of waited a couple years it would have been worse. Parents stay familiar with yours and your childrens dental x-rays ask questions, if you dont like the answer go find a doctor that will. They have other offices other than Medford Oregon and he travels between them. Dr. Raj is also fantastic.

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