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C Miles (Patient) 11-27-2015
Dr. Erik is the best! Bedside manners, professional knowledge and cares for others.

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Victoria D (Patient) 10-27-2015
Reassuring and patient. Good explanation of treatment options and recommendations.

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Jill P (Patient) 08-31-2015
Dr. Rick is a very kind and excellent doctor. In this age of medicine he is very refreshing.

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U S (Patient) 07-03-2015
Good doctors, nurses and staff.

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Isabella F (Patient) 07-02-2015
The doctor was very nice. I was nervous and he calmed my fears.

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U S (Patient) 06-24-2015
Good doctors, nurses and staff.

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Gilbert Leone (Patient) 06-18-2015
Dr. Chotiner had an easy manner and put me at ease. He explained the procedure clearly and what to expect. I am halfway on my trip to see more clearly and am looking forward to having him conclude the project.

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S Gruver (Patient) 05-17-2015
I was very happy with the professional care I received from the doctor.

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Barry D (Patient) 03-28-2015
They were very nice, polite, and very good at what they did to help me with answering any questions that I had.

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D B (Patient) 11-21-2014
Dr. Rick is a true professional and made me feel at ease with having cataract surgery done. I am very thankful that there are outstanding people in the medical profession that can change and even save lives.

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Sondra K (Patient) 10-23-2014
Dr. Chotiner is a thoroughly competent doctor. His is not only professional, but takes the time with you as if you are his only patient. I went in with apprehension, walked out with confidence and ease prior to surgery. I am still excited over his thoughtfulness/generosity with giving flowers post op. Thank you so much. This is not just a profession, its personal!!

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P.J.C. (Patient) 09-08-2014
Everything was great. Even with the construction that was taking place.

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James C (Patient) 08-28-2014
Dr. C was extremely courteous. Always displayed professionalism when answering any and all questions asked.

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Patti L (Patient) 05-29-2014
I had total confidence in Dr. Erik Chotiner and his staff. The procedure was fascinating and I was fully informed throughout.

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Patricia Ann (Patient) 05-26-2014
Like the doctor very much. Can tell he loves his job and very friendly. I will tell everyone about my experience with Memorial Eye Institute. Very satisfied.

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Elmer H (Patient) 05-21-2014
No one looks forward to surgery, but this was not bad at all. The anticipation whas much worse (for me) than the surgery. Glad I did it. Thanks to Dr. Erik and his staff.

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Bruce D (Patient) 04-29-2014
Doctor was real good.

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Darlene M (Patient) 03-24-2014
Great. I am in a new world. I can see everything. Thank you so much Doc Rick.

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B.R. (Patient) 02-06-2014
Dr. Rick Chotiner told me that my cataract surgery would be a 'walk in the park' and it was. What more can you ask of a physician than for him/her to keep their promises.. BR

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Nancy M (Patient) 01-31-2014
I am so grateful to Dr. Rick and his team for restoring my vision beyond all my expectations. I never dreamed I would have the vision I have now - no longer dependent upon strong prescription glasses. I can now see in 'high-def'!!! Thank you so very much!!!

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Mark L (Patient) 12-26-2013
From my initial cataract evaluation I had complete confidence in Dr. Erik Chotiner's experience and professionalism and trust for the surgery.--Mark Lechleitner

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A.B.C. (Patient) 12-06-2013
Little talk, results, Skill-excellent, amazing! I am thrilled thus far. ABC

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Paul B (Patient) 11-12-2013
Dr. Rick really treated me very well in all aspects of my visits.

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Wendy W (Patient) 10-30-2013
My time here is always pleasant with a minimum of anxiety experienced.

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Carlos G. (Patient) 10-11-2013
Even though I had to wait awhile in the waiting room, I did not mind because I know I will get great care and extra time if needed. From the time I entered the door, until the time I checked out, the service, professionalism, and care were of the highest quality.--Carlos G.

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S.L.W. (Patient) 10-04-2013
Pre-op area seemed crowded. ~ SLW

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Brenda I (Patient) 09-26-2013
Excellent.--Brenda I

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C.M.D. (Patient) 07-11-2013
Dr Chotiner is the best. I can see so much better after cataract surgery.

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