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Mary Elizabeth LAMBE MD
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Mary Elizabeth LAMBE MD
Family Medicine - Washington Issaquah

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(City : Issaquah)
(ZIP : 98027)
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Family Medicine

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D. M (Patient) 01-30-2019
Really wonderful listener. Met doc up in mtns. This doctor has an office in Snoqualmie and came to your site looking for office phone. She hands out her phone # and email so I just contacted her directly to check. You have her as being in Issaquah which is odd & I mentioned this website. She didnít seem worried. She is in our mountains up here teaching avalanche rescue and also works with dogs, we found her Thru a neighbor. She made a house call and is straight from a Hallmark movie. No doc listens like she does at least not anymore, she is one of a kind. We will travel over the pass to see her One if those people that once you meet itís hard to go back to how medicine is now.anyhow let her know you have address wrong but she doesnít sound like she hurts for patients but thanked me. Dropped by she did with some homemade bread and promised to stop by before heading to her Snoq clinic. Told me to point out how slow she types and the bad speller she is. Think she hides all the brains up there saying so. Thank you. - Don M

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Patti (Patient) 10-22-2016
Heard of Dr. Lambe from others who have followed her for a while. Not just for being smart but for being decent and the way she cares. Dr Lambe takes care of my teen-age daughters, one of them has had tough times worse when she was younger. She has mild depression.Both girls are real comfortable with Dr Lambe really look forward to coming in. And my girls can be like fighting cats with anyone else. Dr. Lambe listens differently than anyone else I ever met hard to describe exactly. Listens carefully, with gratitude I think is the word- what is going on that day or asks my girls where their journey is. I wish I could do what Mary does. She is funny but only to poke fun at herself and serious. Works with the girls and us to brainstorm solutions.
I don't know how she seems to know the next part of the story but I gave up on that a long time ago. Doesn't hurry either girl and gives them the trust of their own thinking, helps all of us get logical thinking, and she calls it testing out ideas or data. She doesn't make words go one way.
I love my daughters because of course I think they are the best! Dr Lambe sees it too. She seems to see it in everyoneshe seems to see that way if she looks at everyone. Even my teen agers walk out feeling more valued. Like the opposite of just an another number. My daughter who has depression and stuff wouldn't see any more psychiatrists at first till she and Dr Lambe shook hands that my daughter would try again. Still I think it is Lambe and the meds Lambe chose. I am just relieved to have my girl abck

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Diane (Patient) 09-27-2015
Listens to me, helped me with complicated problems
Sees our children who really like her too. She relates to all ages

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Nancy G (Patient) 04-05-2015
I travel to Central Africa for work and use Dr. Lambe for my travel advice. I used to go to a University clinic but Mary gives a lot more details and takes more time.
Also she checks out my general health too and caught some things my other doctor missed. She is patient with all my questions -- answers every one. I like the follow up contact and how she writes out everything for me too. I really really recommend Dr Mary Lambe!
--Nancy G

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Nancy (Patient) 03-07-2013
She takes special time to really listen carefully and never acts rushed or impatient. She asks open questions and then cares about how you answer. The doctor thinks about all of your worries and concerns and tried to solve "the whole package" She has solved problems no one else has for me. She follows up and checks in and really seems to care. No one else seems to hear me the same way.The doctor figured out I had polymyalga rhumatica (sp?) and sleep apnea and I am so so much better! She did in three visits what no one had done in 5 years!

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Office 100 NE Gilman Blvd King Issaquah WA 98027
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Office Phone # :
(425) 5578000
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(425) 5578014

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Univ Of Mi Med Sch, Ann Arbor Mi 48109
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(40 years of experience)

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