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Annamaria NAGY MD
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Annamaria NAGY MD
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Renae (Patient) 04-03-2013
Dr Nagy is an ob/gyn with a specialty in pelvic pain and sexual dysfuntion.
I had a hysterectomy about 7 years ago, followed by bilateral oophorectomy due to an ovarian mass that ruptured, one year later, then a year later an endometioma mass removed from vaginal wall. This left me with very painful intercourse. I saw 4 doctors in 5 years to try to "fix" this problem with no help.
Then I went to see Dr. Nagy on a recommendation by a friend. On my first visit, I met with a Nurse Practitioner and Dr Nagy. They did an exam and cultures, blood work and then sat and talked to me for almost an hour! The cultures showed I had a very low level of testosterone and estrogen . I started on a compounded cream and some topical lidocaine. Also met with a Physical Therapist that was excellent. All of the people I encountered were so professional, caring and considerate.
Within 3 weeks I was pain free and able to have sex with my dear husband.

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