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Suggestions & Reviews for Gregory LAURENCE MD
D F (Patient) 01-28-2016
always attentive to my needs.

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P Henry (Patient) 01-15-2016
I enjoy having someone to answer my questions in detail and at length. Dr. Laurence and all of the staff keep up with new information and are willing and able to offer non-medical alternatives.

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Courtney M (Patient) 01-08-2016
very professional.

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K R (Patient) 12-25-2015
Dr. Greg and staff are the best. Most knowledgeable about treatments, and options with such friendly delivery.

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D B (Patient) 12-15-2015
Wonderful individualized treatment. Thank you!!!

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E Coyne (Patient) 12-12-2015
The staff are amazingly kind and helpful. Dr. Laurence knows what he is doing, and in a situation where I could have made a number of choices, his recommendation was what I trusted and my trust in him and his clinic was very well founded. I recommend him to all of my friends.

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J Petersen (Patient) 12-10-2015
Great practice, happy with everything.

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G Arias (Patient) 12-04-2015
i have been coming to Germantown Aesthetics for several years, I currently see Charlotte but have also be to Dr. Laurence for surgery. I highly recommend them both. I am very satisfied with my results.

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K C (Patient) 12-02-2015
Katie is great. Great results!

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Ashley (Patient) 11-30-2015
Very professional staff, and doctor.

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Sarah V (Patient) 11-27-2015
They can take care of all your beauty needs...Botox, Filler and mole removal. Friendly staff

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C B (Patient) 11-25-2015
love Greg and Charlotte Fabulous service.

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J W (Patient) 11-20-2015
Always good results and good timely visits.

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Bailey H (Patient) 11-20-2015
I appreciated the attention to the treatment I received. I feel much better after my treatment with BHRT. I so appreciated the care I received and the staff along with the atmosphere. I love their sense of humor!

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M T (Patient) 11-09-2015
Dr. Laurence is a very personal doctor and was informative and awesome on my breast implant surgery. He has a great personality and doesnt make you feel awkward during any procedures/appointments. His staff are wonderful as well and made me feel at home! :)

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Lyndee (Patient) 11-07-2015
Dr. Laurence and his staff do an incredible job.

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Christine (Patient) 11-04-2015
always friendly and remember you.

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L S (Patient) 11-02-2015
very intentive, very professional and knowledgeable.

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Shelby M (Patient) 10-31-2015
The overall experience and results have been great. I trust him for all future needs.

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T N (Patient) 10-30-2015
great dr and staff . very satisfied with the treatments i received...

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Wayne H (Patient) 10-30-2015
Good experience overall, no recommendations for improvement

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Tammi B (Patient) 10-28-2015
so far my experience have been good. I like that they were honest about expectations.

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Justin H (Patient) 10-27-2015
the staff here is wonderful they always cater to my needs and are informative and helpful.

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V C (Patient) 10-19-2015
always a pleasure coming here.

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D S (Patient) 10-17-2015
Dr. Laurence and his staff are very friendly and professional.

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T L (Patient) 10-16-2015
I love the doctor and clinic. The staff is amazing and so helpful.

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Kelly L (Patient) 09-29-2015
If you want nothing but the highest standards for facial improvement, dr laurence is your man. i will never forget years ago when i went to another cosmetic doctor for filler under my eyes. i was far too young to look as tired as i did. that doctor did the filler injection and when i got home i had what looked like blue marker under my eyes. i was horrified. the doctor insisted it would fix itself. almost one year later of spending a fortune in make up to hide my embarassment, i contact dr laurence. immediately he knew it was called tyndall effect. the filler created a blue hue under my eye due to placement. dr laurence gave me an injection of the antidote so to speak. within seconds it was gone! i almost cried i was so happy. the following week i came back for the filler. i was nervous since i remembered what happened at the other office, but my faith rested in dr laurence. and what do you know, no blue. i had a beautiful youthful look! i had a confidence back that i had lost. since then, dr laurence has performed more fillers on me and i couldnt be more proud to say he is my miracle worker. thank you dr laurenece and staff for All you guys do. you are AMAZING!!!

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Reese G (Patient) 09-16-2015
The staff was helpful and friendly. Dr. Lawrence is awesome. He is knowledgeable, funny, and was able to repair my lip lines when other providers were unable to do so. Dr. Lawrence is prompt, makes you feel special, and is interested in helping you feel and look your best.

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Emery M (Patient) 09-04-2015
Every time that I had to wait passed my appointment time to be seen, that I was waiting was always acknowledged and I was always given an explanation. I always appreciated how those situations were handled, and I knew any overrun of other appointments ahead of me was because of the care and attention clients ahead of me were receiving.

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Anita S (Patient) 09-03-2015
staff is so professional and knowledgeable trust is most important to me when it comes tp my health and aesthetics and then have certainly earned it.

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M C (Patient) 08-31-2015
Dr. L is exceptionally talented, educated as well as having one of the best ' bedside' manner that I have come across in a long time.

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L H (Patient) 08-27-2015
Very professional. Procedure is explained in detail.

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Beverly (Patient) 08-27-2015
I am willing to drive from Jonesboro, Ar to have proceedures done. i am so happy with what I have done, that I tell everyone considering any cosmetic priceedure to come here.

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K L (Patient) 08-25-2015
very good experience, staff is highly skilled and i trust their recommendations. they are easy to communicate with and will work with you to achieve desired results.

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