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Carla (Patient) 07-18-2015
Dr Michael Levine serves as a perinatalogist through Methodist Women's Hospital and clinic in Omaha/Elkhorn, Nebraska. I am 40 years old and he guided my husband and I through the safe and healthy delivery of our twins. Dr Levine anticipated my needs well before I did. He informed me of the things he was watching without making me overly nervous about anything. He took time to talk about things other then health care and that made me feel like a person not just a patient. He was great about openly and honestly answering my questions, and he allowed me to live my life fully while being very clear when he felt it was time that I stop and take rest seriously. He preformed a C-section that allowed me to fully participate in the birth of my children while at the same time keeping me safe and healthy through the procedure. He works with an excellent staff who seem to work together and respect each other very well. I am very thankful that he was my doctor.

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