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Sandra G (Patient) 10-28-2015
I thought my procedure would make me look a bit better. Well they have exceeded ALL expectations. Not only do I look great but, I feel much more confident. I now love to look in the mirror. I have had compliments from men mostly aged 84-6, my favorite being 'I do not know what you did but, you look 10 years younger'. Even my female friends are jealous.

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L Mathis (Patient) 09-09-2015
I am grateful for Dr. Chan's care. He did a great job with my facelift and I feel like I have lost 10 years! I had neck surgery 10 years ago and have been happy until recently when I felt like my neck and face just melted. Partly because I was the main caretaker for my mother after my father died, and trying to downsize and sell my house-- I have been under a lot of stress. Thanks to Dr. Chan and his office I feel like I have regained some of my youth back.

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Madison B (Patient) 08-31-2015
Had a revision facelift with Dr. Chan and was very impressed with the results. I was quite a challenge because I am allergic to many medications. Dr. Chan helped me find the right medications and got me through the surgery without a hitch. I cannot say enough about his skills. I wish all doctors were like him!

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Bobby (Patient) 08-26-2015
Great job. Would recommend Dr. Chan. Smart, kind, and caring.

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