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Catherine BRADLEY MD
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Catherine BRADLEY MD
Urogynecology - Iowa

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Stephanee Johnson (Patient) 01-10-2020
Doctor Bradley is an Amazing Doctor she cares about her patients so much. I had been seeing Doctor Bradley for along time when some things happened and I decided to go someplace else. Well long story short after five years of being back in forth with the provider i was seeing I came back to Doctor Bradley. She asked me why I stopped seeing her she wasn't mad or anything she said I am sorry things happened that way and that she wanted to take care of me again. She cares so much that she even calls to check up on me and soon I will be having a procedure with her to help fix my bladder problem. Another important thing about Doctor Bradley is if you are scared about having surgery she is always with you until they put you under. Doctor Bradley you Are a very Kind and Amazing Doctor Thank you so much for not giving up on me.

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Stephanee Johnson (Patient) 10-29-2019
I recommend Doctor Catherine Bradley as One of the Best Urogynecologist, because she cares about her Patients. She spends the time to listen to them, Doctor Bradley has been my Doctor since 2013 and I had not seen her in over five years. I was seeing someone else for awhile but hadn't got any answers so I went back to see her. She welcomed me back and told me she was going to help me. She is Amazing at what she does, and she is a very kind person she cares about me. I am only 35 years old and it is very hard to talk about leaking urine but she makes me feel comfortable. I know I can trust her with my life. Thank You Doctor Bradley for being kind and always listening to me.

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Michelle C (Patient) 12-27-2015
Dr. Bradley is a fantastic doctor and gave me great care. I recently saw her for a second opinion when a hysterectomy was recommended for my urinary stress incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. I switched to her because she and her staff took enough time to listen and understand my medical problems.
Dr. Bradley gave me accurate information and recommendations as well as explained things in detail answering all of my questions. Dr. Bradley was very professional, reassuring, compassionate, friendly, up to date and diligent and addressed all of my concerns without pressuring me into any procedures.
She has attracted to her competent, friendly and loyal staff who speak highly of her. I know she is super busy and trains other doctors, so you will end up talking with them more, but this allows her to serve more people effectively.

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