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Timothy Jay ALLEN MD
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Timothy Jay ALLEN MD
Neurology - Colorado Fort Collins

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(City : Fort Collins)
(ZIP : 80524)
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David W (Patient) 04-06-2016
I have seen most all neurologist doctors north of Denver. After working with Dr. Allen I wouldn’t want to see any other doctor b/c Dr. Allen is a very nice, well rounded, educated man who carries a very open liberal educated mind in regards to trying to improve the health of his clients. He will work with you in every way possible! He is always seeking to improve himself within the medical world which in turn improves the health of his client’s. He's at the top of the pack in his field of work!

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Karen (Patient) 02-10-2009
I have seen Dr. Allen for several years. The office staff and Dr. Allen have continually gone out of their way to be there: both emotionally supportive as well as excellent medical care. The atmosphere is always one of courtesy, kindness, and respect. Dr. Allen does truly listen and considers my opinions and thoughts. I have come to trust him with my health. He is very complete and always on top of the current available medications and therapies available. I recommend him very highly.

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B (Patient) 01-26-2009
Dr. Allen is a great doctor! I've been to many neurologists, and he is by far the best! His office has a very welcoming, happy and pleasant atmosphere. Every visit, he actually takes the time to sit and listen to what you have to say. Most other doctors I've had don't really listen to what I am telling them, which resulted in overmedication, the wrong meds, or worsening symptoms. When I first started seeing Dr. Allen, I was highly overmedicated, but with Dr. Allen's help, I am finally completely symptom free and off all medications. I highly recommend Dr. Allen!

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Office 1247 Riverside Ave Ste 270 Larimer Fort Collins CO 80524
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(970) 2211993
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(970) 2219170
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Univ Of Co Sch Of Med, Denver Co 80262
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(25 years of experience)

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