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Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Moberly

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(City : Moberly)
(ZIP : 65270)
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Mona H AFRASSIAB DO's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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luvin life (Patient) 07-16-2016
This recommendation isn't for the Dr. but her office info. I couldn't find anywhere to submit update for a Dr's info, so I hope this works. She's no longer practing in Moberly, Mo. her office is now at Osage Beach, Mo. Here's her correct info. The number is (573)302-2764. Her address is 54 hospital drive suite 201, Osage Beach, Mo. 65065

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luvin life (Patient) 07-16-2016
For years I've looked for a doctor to believe me that something was wrong & for decades I was told it was in my head. In 2012 I seen a Dr who was about to retire & he said endometriosis (never tested for) & fibroids gave me Novasure abrogation procedure & said now I'm fine & that was it. It wasn't it, steadily pains got worse & worse seen other gyno & was again told it was in my head. The pains got debilitating I was in bed crying in pain. A visit to her office to meet the new Dr. & praying she'd believe me. To my luck she did, my original visit was cancelled cause she was sick, rescheduled for a week away, the next day I called her office in tears, her nurse called to see what's going on & Dr. Afrassiab told me to come in now! She did my exam & said my uterus was extremely tender & very swollen she ordered an ultrasound, but it was a week away, & 4th of July weekend. The day before the ultrasound I was on day 9 of excruciating pain & my oldest son took me to the ER & Dr. Afrassiab was called she had them do the ultrasound right there & came to the ER as soon as she seen her last patient that day, she admitted me to the hospital, my uterus was completely full of 4 years worth of blood, & fibroids. The Dr who did the Novasure abrogation messed up & only got the bottom of my uterus so I'd been collecting blood all those years, & had so many fibroids on the right side of my uterus she couldn't count them all. Dr. Afrassiab admitted me for pain management & a severe infection with 2 days of piggyback antibiotics with hysterectomy to follow. I'm so thankful she believed me that I was in pain & it wasn't normal & it wasn't in my head. I'm just a little over a week from surgery & what this wonderful woman has given me (my life back) I'm forever greatful. Since my teen years my periods have been so painful I couldn't leave my house, cramps hit so hard it would land me on the floor balled up in pain & I was always told I just have bad P.M.S. but 20 + yrs later I found the Dr that changed my life. I'd suggest her to anyone who's been told it's bad P.M.S. or just in your head.

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Office 1513 Union Ave Ste 2200 Randolph Moberly MO 65270
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Office Phone # :
(660) 2636500
Fax # :
(660) 2631988

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Univ Of Hlth Sci, Coll Of Osteo Med, Kansas City Mo 64124
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(28 years of experience)

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