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BMW (Patient) 10-29-2017
Dr. Elliott practices in gynecologic oncology. I live in a small town in northern CA and two weeks before my scheduled hysterectomy my surgeon (not Dr. Elliott) called and canceled, having had 2nd thoughts about being able to perform the surgery. After a whirlwind week of six 2nd opinions, educating myself on every aspect of my surgery, and learning to advocate for myself, I landed an appointment in Sacramento with Dr. Elliott. He had been specifically recommended, unsolicited, by four doctors and the other two 2nd opinions lit up when I mentioned Dr. Elliott's office. That was enough to make me feel hopeful, but my recommendation comes from having met him. He was kind and personable-- the opposite of how people joke about surgeons. Moreover, he was experienced and set my mind at ease. I had my packet of research and questions to drill him on but never got there because he addressed it all first. He saw things no other doctor identified and diagnosed me correctly without my assist. He was mindful of non-medical concerns such as insurance and getting to the hospital. Lastly, the staff in the practice office is top notch. If they were annoyed by my persistent calling and anxiousness, they never let it on. Despite witnessing the impossibly full schedule and waiting room, they made me feel like I was his only patient. If you are doubtful of doctors and need to be in the hands of someone you wholehearted trust, I can't recommend Dr. Elliott enough.

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