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Jessica (Patient) 01-23-2018
I was referred to this OB/GYN when I learned that the my baby had passed away @ 18w5d gestation. Dr. Hoversland helped us make a decision on what to do next, and made the process as smooth as it could go (on his end). He then ran every test to find the cause of our childs death leading us to my diagnosis with an auto-immune condition I would never have known about had it not been for him. He closely monitored my next pregnancy with my daughter, and we now have a very healthy, vivacious 3 year old to add to our family. Dr. Hoversland has excellent bedside manor, explains things to his patients well so you leave knowing what your plan is no matter what you are there for. I wont be switching doctors unless he retires or leaves the state. All the women who live locally also now see him and are very satisfied with his care.

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