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Sarah KIM MD
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Sarah KIM MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Connecticut

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Tamika Mikucki (Patient) 03-03-2019
Dr. Kim is a phenomenal physician. She is caring, kind, patient, and very thorough. After developing fibroids, she explored all options to “save” my uterus despite losing my tubes years earlier (not under her care). As an ethnic woman, all too often physicians just want to write us off, but this is not the case with Dr. Kim. She’s so phenomenal that she recently left the state however I’m following her north to continue to receive this exceptional care. I have great medical coverage however I would pay out of pocket if necessary, to continue with her. You don’t come across this type of doctor often and when you do, you need to hold on to them until they retire. The day after my hysterectomy I was out getting a pedicure! Skillful hands!

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