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Erin (Patient) 06-01-2020
If you are struggling with Endometriosis/Adenomyosis, you need to see Dr. Sinervo! He will take the time to listen to you and is an expert in his field. He is not only a caring person, but he understands Endometriosis and Adenomyosis fully and the impact it has on our lives. He is a skilled physician with a huge heart. A rare find these days!

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Jennifer Bianchi (Patient) 04-03-2019
My name is Jennifer, and itís been 3 months since my excision surgery. Iíd like to share my story. This self-directed learning library, Dr. Sinervo and Dr. Arrington at the Center for Endometriosis in Atlanta saved my life. I started my period when I was twelve years old. From age 12 to 36, every single period included nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, severe back pain, food sensitivities, bloating and painful bowel movements. For years, I was not taken seriously by medical professionals. Everyone here knows what itís like to feel marginalized and misdiagnosed. In my case, I believe my legitimate medical concerns were dismissed both due to the lack of knowledge/skill of physicians but also due to the fact that I was in the foster care system. For these reasons, I was told that my pain was in my head. I was told that I needed therapy. I was told that if I was throwing up that much, I must have an eating disorder. (While I certainly understand that needing therapy or having an eating disorder are valid medical diagnoses that should always be addressed, those diagnoses were incorrect for me). I was told that I was just complaining for attention. I was told that periods are just painful. Once, I was told by a doctor that food sensitivities were a fad and that if I really wanted to gain weight, I should go home and eat a pizza. None of the boxes doctors put me in were valid. The truth is, all those years, I had deep and widespread endometriosis, and I needed proper care. After suffering all through undergrad and law school with undiagnosed endometriosis, I took a full-time job at a university and began dating my current partner, David. Unfortunately, in June of last year, after working for my employer for more than 5 years, my disease became so debilitating, and I was let go from my job. I decided to go to Emory, the same place Iíd been going for 3 years for my womenís health needs, to get answers. Finally, Emory decided to operate to explore the possibility of endometriosis...a word I had never heard before. I had surgery at Emory in July of 2018. At my post op appointment, I asked my surgeon if I underwent excision or ablation surgery. She said they were the same thing. I told her that I still had pain, and she encouraged me to see my primary care physician about that. I do want to note that this OBGYN surgeon is very well respected in her field and did her best. Unfortunately, she is NOT an endometriosis expert qualified to properly treat my disease. Within 2 months of the surgery at Emory, all the pain and all the symptoms had returned. I was jobless, extremely sick, and I needed answers. I didnít need a support group. I needed direct, life-saving answers. Thatís when I found Nancyís Nook. Thatís when I found Dr. Sinervo, Dr. Arrington and the Center for Endometriosis in Atlanta. After reviewing my case, Dr. Sinervo agreed to take me on as a patient. During a time when some partners would have been running for th... [<a href='read.php?taid=19401'>more..</a>]

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