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susan morrison (Patient) 01-04-2020
I met Dr. Nelson on a consult for a hysterectomy. She instantly put my mind at ease. Spending time reviewing my history, explaining my options and answering all my questions. Bottom line she let me know it was my choice, she only wanted what was best for me.

Dr. Nelson has received a number of years as one of the "Top NH Doctors" awards. She is a busy lady in a big seacoast practice. I never felt rushed at my appointments.

I would 100% recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone in seacoast NH looking for a caring OB/GYN to be on your own health team.

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Susan Morrison (Patient) 06-29-2019
I first met her on a surgery consult, she instantly put me at ease and showed me why she has been named one of the top NH doctors. I felt like I was in the best of hands under her care. She is a very caring and talented doctor, I would highly recommend her.

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