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Aquarian (Patient) 02-20-2021
I'm picky with healthcare and have struggled to find GYN care in the past. I've been seeing Dr. Joe for about a year now and have had 2 surgeries from him, one minor and then a major one. He got things done in a timely manner. From my strange problem in the beginning, he took care of it fast! He will spend time talking with you at length if he is not too busy, is easy to talk to and very understanding. I like the way he explains things.

His office space & practice in general is super nice with a comfortable ambiance atmosphere. Together with his wife - they are a duo team when it comes to surgeries, so you have two surgeons with you instead of one! Pretty cool. All of his office staff are friendly, amazing peeps. I'm happy to be his patient, thank you Dr. Joe!

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