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Greg Andrew TOWSLEY MD
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Greg Andrew TOWSLEY MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Florida Sarasota

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(City : Sarasota)
(ZIP : 34239)
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Greg Andrew TOWSLEY MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Heather (Patient) 10-29-2009
Dr. Towsley is the best doctor that I've ever had!
He delivered my daughter and every visit that I had with him was great. He is very personable and caring. He has a great personality that makes you always feel comfortable. My husband also loved him when he came with me to my visits.
His office staff is very friendly also and his nurse, Virginia, is super sweet!
Nothing bad to say about this doctor :)

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Chris P (Patient) 06-05-2009
I have and will recommend Dr. Towsley to my lady friends. In fact, I referred my own daughter to him. He is careing (sp ?), interested in your well being, and he is kind and patient. He takes his time to hear your concerns. He is highly professional and has a great sense of humor. He is extremely comforting, friendly and trustworthy.

After receiving not so good news, he personally called me at home and my cell phone to check on me. That is very touching and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Towsley.

I just love his bedside manner.

In addition his staff is great.

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Melissa (Patient) 01-18-2008
Dr. Towsley is an incredibly personable doctor. I went through my first pregnancy with him as my doctor, and I felt at ease the whole time. He is generous with his time, and he seemed almost as excited as I was every time we heard the heart beat or saw a little kick! It was amazing! He was always energetic and kind-hearted, just the type of person you would want looking out for you and your baby!

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Roxanne (Patient) 11-13-2007
He is an awesome doctor!

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Desiree (Patient) 02-10-2007
Dr. Towsley is just plain "AWESOME" He is so kind and caring to each and everyone of his patients. You never feel rushed when you are with him, he truly takes his time with you and your needs. I have been a patient of his for over 4 years now.
Dr Towsley is a Physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He was the one who delivered my second baby, and also my doctor to give me a hysterectomy. Dr. Towsley personally calls all his own patients after surgery and for follow ups. I have referred him to several of my friends and family and all have come out with a thank you for me reffering him. Some of my friends have even said they wish they would have met him sooner.
I want to also mention that he has a wonderful staff, from the nurses all the way down to the front desk clerks, as I know this is important as well as the doctor.
Doctor Towsley and his staff could not improve in any other way as I see it.

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Office 1921 WALDEMER STREET Suite 802 Sa 34239
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Office Phone # :
(941) 9177888
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(941) 9550453

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Univ Of South Fl Coll Of Med, Tampa Fl 33612
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(28 years of experience)

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