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Jeffery DELL MD
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Jeffery DELL MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Tennessee Knoxville

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Jeffery DELL MD



(City : Knoxville)
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Rhinehart (Patient) 04-09-2007
Dr. Dell has done ground breaking work in the urogynecogical area, with special interest in female urinary incontinence, but I saw him for a hysterectomy for grapefruit sized uterine fibroids. He is a thorough, diligent, well-trained, expert surgeon. I would trust him with any treatment he would recommend.

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L. Thomas (Patient) 03-20-2007
Highly recommend J. Dell

Concerned for patient's quality of life
Specialized interest: Interstitial cystitis

Needs "800" phone number
Automated answering system is time consuming
Out of town patients play "phone-tag" when trying to contact a nurse on the nurse line

Treated: Interstitial cystitis

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L. Thomas (Patient) 02-10-2007
Jeffery Dell is a urogynecologist that specializes in pelvic disorders and is especially interested in treating Interstitial cystitis. He is continually involved in ongoing reasearch. He is a sought after presenter. He is probably the most compationate physician I have ever had. I was referred to Dell because my condition had my gynecologist stumped. My gynecologist was sure Dell would know what the problem was...and if Dell didn't know that Dell would know someone that did. Dell knew. He has been very encouraging to me and continually reminds me to call the office with any problems or questions..and he does get the message. The office staff is outstanding. I truly believe that he has my best interest at heart. He is extremely concerned with increasing the quality of your life.

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Parkwest Hospital
Parkwest Hospital Parkwest Blvd TN 37922
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Office 9430 Parkwest Blvd TN 37923
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(865) 769
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(865) 769

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(28 years of experience)

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