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Sara W (Patient) 12-22-2009
Dr. Eltabbakh is a great surgeon. He was able to solve a problem for me in a short amount of time. Within a week we were in the operating room and on the road to recovery. His staff is great also. For the first few days I was home after surgery someone called to ensure that I was doing ok. I feel that Dr. E is a kind and compassionate doctor who cares for his patients.

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sheila (Patient) 03-17-2009
Excellent and caring physician.

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Margaret (Patient) 07-30-2007
Dr. Eltabbakh is very kind and professional. He is listed under oncology, but should also be under OB/GYN since his specialty is gynocological oncology. He has an air of confidance and competance about him that allowed me to feel comfortable in a very stressful situation. I was referred to him because of a rapidly growing mass in my uterus which was possibly cancerous. He thoroughly explained the proceedure and the options depending on whether cancer was found or not. After my surgery he made sure my husband was informed of the benign findings and my husband also commented on the feeling of competance Dr. Eltabbakh projected. As a side note, he not only has a practice in Burlington, VT, he also serves patients in Plattsburgh, NY 2 days a week. I actually saw him in his Plattsburgh office and the staff there is is wonderfully caring too.

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Norma Fleury (Patient) 03-06-2007
I had had every test designed to diagnose cervical cancer. My PAP test, biopsy, and D&C were all negative. The D&C showed a couple suspicious spots but did not indicate cancer but possibly pre cancer. Dr. Eltabbakh did an internal ultrasound and found my cancer at 1.5 cm. . I had my hysterectomy 12/27/2007. I would recommend him to any woman. He is a very caring ,compassionate physician.

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Laurie Reilly (Patient) 02-12-2007
Dr. Eltabbakh was my doctor that performed my hysteroctomy. I am still under his care for treatment for endometriosis. He is a very patient doctor and very friendly. He is very thorough and takes every precautionary measure to ensure you are well. He is an excellent surgeon and comes highly recommended by Fletcher Allen Health Care. I have only heard positive feedback in regards to him.

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kim (Patient) 02-11-2007
Dr. Eltabbakh is such a kind doctor he did all he could to help me when no one else wanted to and thanks to his help getting me to the right people things are so much better.

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