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Charles (Patient) 01-02-2011
Dr. Collins is a truly remarkable doctor and human being. He is very passionate about his work and genuinely cares for his patients. My family utilized his services for fetal monitoring in the past and will again in the future. Dr. Collins provided outstanding individual medical care for us on a daily basis for over three months. I strongly recommend his services and am thankful we found him via the internet.

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Kelley M (Patient) 01-04-2008
Dr. Jason Collins is a gift from God! I have 2 beautiful daughters because of him and Jesus. I would certainly recommend him. I lost a baby in 1996 due to the umbilical cord, in 1997 I had a beautiful baby girl, he took her 6 weeks early, she is awesome and doing fine. In 2003 I had another baby girl, he took her 3 weeks early, she is also a blessing from god. I believe that god has special doctors for special reasons and Dr. Collins is that special doctor. I wish I had known of him in 1996, when I lost my 1st. baby. But that is o.k. because I have Kailey and Kelsey and they are my hearts.

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Bobbi Jo (Patient) 02-11-2007
I was lucky to have found this doctor when I did. He is the best OB/GYN doctor that I have been treated by since needing an OB/GYN (over 25 years). All of his patients love him.

Doctor Collins has been doing this type of work for over 30 years as I recall.

Besides being a fantastic doctor, he is friendly, genuinely concerned and confident. He also finishes up or cleans up his work carefully (No huge, ugly, painful scars).

Ovarian cyst/laparscopy/D&C/Hysterectomy

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