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robin (Patient) 04-13-2011
She is the most fantastic doctor i have ever seen. She is caring, gentle, listens and most of all, makes her patients comfortable. I would recommend her to everyone. LOVE HER.

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Pam (Patient) 09-14-2009
Dr. Lisa Hovenga is professional, competent, personable and caring. I was referred to her by my NP for a condition my NP was unable to treat effectively. She came highly recommended from not only my NP, but from personal friends in the medical field. Dr. Hovenga quickly ran some diagnostic tests and discovered that I needed a hysterectomy. The surgery was performed soon after. She went out of her way to do the surgery on a day that she would normally not be working because it was in my best interest. She was very thorough in explaining the procedure, side effects, recovery,etc. and answered all my questions. It turned out that I had stage 1 uterine cancer. If Dr. Hovenga had not been diligent in diagnosing and treating me, I shudder to think about the cancer's development and subsequent treatment. I dodged a bullet with her help. Now that I am recovering, I appreciate her regular communication with me to see that I am comfortable and am healing properly. This woman is amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her.

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Brittany (Patient) 04-16-2009
When I had to change ob/gyns I was nervous because I wanted a good doctor. Luckely I found Dr Hovenga. I've been seeing her for almost 3 years and I love her. She always makes you feel comfotable and like you are her only patient. I recently had to have a colposcopy, I was terrified but her a he nurse were wonderful even when I almost passed out! I have to back for another procdure next month and I'm not scared becuase she is an awesome doctor.
I highly recommend her.

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Devra A (Patient) 04-03-2007
I agree with the previous post. When I moved back to Colorado Springs I was already 4 months pregnant and had to find a doctor. I lucked out and found Dr. Hovenga and she was awesome through the whole preganancy and stellar during the delivery. I highly recommend her to not only women who are pregant or trying, but to all women.

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Claire Brandon (Patient) 02-13-2007
I want to very highly recommend Dr. Lisa Hovenga. She is the OB/Gyn doctor who performed a total hysterectomy on me in May 2006. If you have never had a female doctor to talk things over with, you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Hovenga a chance. She really understands how it FEELS and tries to answer the questions you might be afraid to ask. For me, her demeanor, patience, and diligence made a very tough time a little bit easier to live through.

She is a very sincerely warm person who genuinely cares about people and she also happens to be very very good at what she does. Before this, I accepted medical help in the very cold sterile ways it was ever given, but now I know what a difference it makes to really be able to trust your doctor and entrust my care to a true professional.

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