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Kenneth HAMAI MD
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Kenneth HAMAI MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Washington

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(City : Washington)
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Wendi (Patient) 11-06-2008
Dr Hamai is a very straight forward doctor, with a caring touch. He lets you know exactly what his professional opinion is and every single option when trying to attack a problem. He doesn't just tell you what he thinks you should do. He tells you all the options and the possible outcome with each of those options. He is very caring about his patients and is always there when you need to hear from him. Not to mention his staff! They are just as caring and nice. Which doesn't seem to come so often now a-days in the medical industry. My specific case of severe endometriosis and infertility is/was a difficult one in which two other doctors that I had gone to were not very caring and I ended up leaving their offices crying and just as confused as before I had gone in. I went to Dr Hamai and he gave me more insight on my condition and how I could attack it in the 30 minutes I saw him than any of the other years of doctor visits and surgeries combined! Thank you Dr Hamai and all your staff!

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Cindy M (Patient) 02-13-2007
Dr. Hamai is a very caring doctor. When I went in for my first appt we meet in his office instead of the exam room. That made me feel so at ease. I had to have a biopsy which was very painful and he talked me thru the whole thing making it much easier to relax. Dr. Hamai will be preforming a full hysterectomy on my in March 2007 and I could feel better about my decision.

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