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Tony (Patient) 05-17-2010
ihad been operated on in health stare in Morristown Tn. 2 times and had problem from the time I woke up from the operation the first one kept telling me for a year all is ok my knee was so painful and I had to walk on it because my wife got very ill with lung cancer. She went into remission so I went back and found the 1st doctor was gone from the place...the other doctor found out my knee was broke and was sawing the bone...he did a revision when I woke up from that I knew something was wrong I went back to healthstar about 8 times in7 months.was told again all was ok again I could not bend it at all was very painful..another doctor saw my knee and ordered a bone scan found out it had a problem, my primery care doctor ask if I wanted him to talk to doctor Bratton I said please,, he did I was called by bratton and was sent to Dr Cates a wonderful doctor he looked and operated on it and repaired what needed to be fixed now I can bend and walk without. pain accept for my hip and ankle walking for 6 yrs wrong took its toll on other parts..I hope Dr Cates can fix the other problem outstanding Docter has a great team a great bed side manner..thanks again to DR CATES

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Rhonda G (Patient) 04-03-2008
Dr. Cates is an incredible man, surgeon, and friend. At the young age of 29 I had a hip replaced by another surgeon in Kentucky. When I moved to Tennessee I needed to find an orthopaedic surgeon and Dr. Cates came recommended by my surgeon in Kentucky. After 12 years on my THR, Dr. Cates performed a revision and it's doing great! The recovery was quick and I was back on my feet in no time! Look no further for an orthopaedic surgeon. He's kind, caring and will do what's best for your situation...he really listens! The only problem I have with Dr. Cates is that he's not in Arizona...where I live now! :)

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sandra (Patient) 04-27-2007
Dr Harold Cates is an exceptional orthopaedic Surgeon He is highly skilled in what he does.He replaced my left hip in dec 2006 And it is doing wonderful.He is going to replace my right one May 14 And i have no worries at all.And when i was in the hospital he would come and see me every morning to see how i was doing.He takes the time to talk and to listen .That is very important to me.I had another Doctor at Maryville Orthopaedic tell me there wasn't anything wrong with me that by losing some weight .wouldn't take care of. well i have lost 150 pds and Dr Cates took the X-rays and found that both of my hips were bad the other Dr didn't even take X-rays .So when you have Dr Cates treating you .You get treated like a person not a number.Thank you Dr Cates for caring

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L. Thomas (Patient) 03-20-2007
Highly Recommend
Specializes in Total Knee replacement
Fellowship trained
Performs 500 TKR annually

Efficient office procedures
Highly organized
Pleasant staff
Easy to contact after office hours
Surgical procedures facilitate faster than usual recovery

I had Total Knee Replacement in Dec 2006
Extremely pleased with all aspects of my care

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Tammy (Patient) 02-15-2007
Dr. Harold Cates is an Orthopedics Surgeon. He is the best in his field. After two attempts to replace my right knee by another doctor, who was Chief of Staff in the Orthopedic Department, at Vanderbelt Hospital in Nashville, Tn. I was finally sent to a doctor who was only a 20 min. drive from home. He was able to replace my right knee and now after two years it is doing great!!
Dr. Cates also replaced my fathers knee about a year before he passed away. My father never had any problems with his knee at all.
I would recommend him to anyone experiencing Orthopedic problems. He is a group of doctors so if what you need is not his speciality there should be one there can do it for you.

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