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Nikki (Patient) 12-09-2017
Dr. Lee is the BEST!! I had endometriosis, adenomyosis, and an endometrial tumor growing in my muscle (I'm done having kids I have 3) he did a laparoscopic hysterectomy and removal of the tumor on 10/23/2017. So excited to say I am free of pain, back to work and feeling better than ever. Dr lee is a WONDERFULLY SKILLED doctor who truly cares about his patients he listens and takes time to explain all of his findings and answer any questions you may have (my husband and I had a lot). THANK YOU Dr.Lee and staff for being friendly, caring and helpful!! So Blessed to have found you

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Mary (Patient) 03-15-2017
Dr. Lee is the BEST!!!! I researched doctor’s education, experience and skill for my condition and chose Dr. Lee. I LOVE the fact that he is minimally invasive. I drove over an hour and a half to meet with him to receive his opinion and then to perform the needed surgery. I am over 100% happy with the results. He was able to perform my hysterectomy and burch urethopexy (bladder repair) all laparoscopically. My recovery time has been astonishing and I finally do not have any pain or need to wear pads. He has given me my quality of life back. I love the fact that he is professional but has a sense of humor. If you have a question, just ask…and if you forget to ask, he is wonderful at returning messages or phone calls. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to any woman who is tired of dealing with pain and problems.

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Shelly (Patient) 07-25-2015
Wonderful Doctor!
He is a surgeon that specializes in Laparoscopic surgery in gynecology.
He removed my uterus, tubes & cervix due to extreme case of endometriosis, which was also removed.
Explained everything well.

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Abigail (Patient) 03-03-2014
This doctor is the best thing that has ever happened to me he did what know other doctor could do he fixed me. I had had pain my whole life with my periods, I had been to obgyn after obgyn and none of them could figure out what was wrong with me. It took me years to find him but I just did a search on the internet and and found him. He is a specialist in his field and only deals with women who have major problems he dose not deliver babies. The problem I was have is that every doctor I went to just wanted me to have a baby they did not want to get rid of my pain. To me this is first and for most more important than having a baby so my problem all along was I had adenomyosis and a tilted uterus so yes I had to have a hysterectomy but it is for the best. But he is the best doctor ever and he knows his stuff so if you have a problem with your womanly stuff than see him he will help...

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JL (Patient) 01-17-2013
Recently performed my hysterectomy. Very wonderful doctor, incredibly intelligent and skilled in his profession. Some say he has a bad bedside manner but really I think they are not understanding him when he talks. His accent is heavy and sometimes he talks fast which can cause some misunderstandings. Tell him to slow down and you'll be fine. He performs over 250+ hysterectomies a year - his level of skill is unmatched in the Pittsburgh area.

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Jess (Patient) 12-10-2012
Dr Lee is my minimally invasive surgeon who will perform my hysterectomy. He has shown to have a demonstrated knowledge and capability, coupled with his education and reputation of being the best of the best for the tricky cases. He may have some other reviews of being cold, having bad bedside manner or something to that effect -- and while I can see where folks are coming from when they say that, they are not seeing where HE comes from as an incredibly intelligent doctor who is thinking through multiple processes to give each patient the best possible outcome. Every single other doctor I've talked to about my situation has said that he is the best and will take the best care of me with my issue. I would question if only one doctor said that, but I have no doubt about his skill set having so many doctors from different practices and states say the same thing. I will return to update this recommendation after my successful surgery.

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Amanda (Patient) 03-25-2012
Best surgeon ever!!

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mims (Patient) 02-21-2007
Dr. Lee was wonderful. I had been suffering from endo for 12+ years and after seeing 2 prior doctors, Dr. Lee helped me with my pain. He was very kind and helpful throughout all of my surgeries and always listed to what I had to say.

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