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Joel Rodney SAPER MD
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Joel Rodney SAPER MD
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Joel Rodney SAPER MD



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D.M. (Patient) 04-18-2014
I came in with a headache, which I have had for years. When I got here, they checked my BP and it was high. The doctor's had a miss on thier hands. Since me doctor from home let my BP stay so hi for so long. The doctors here was able to get it down. I felt so much better. I am gratefull for all the hard work from the doctors, nurses and the whole team!!!

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Jordin C (Patient) 03-04-2014
Dr Saper and the entire medical team was very professional and really knew what they were doing. I felt that I was in the best possible care while I was here. I did not however find the psychology department helpful in the least. The time I spent there was very unhelpful and really just went over the same information every time.

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Sara R (Patient) 01-21-2014
Intelligent, good humored problem solver.-SBR

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Brooke F (Patient) 01-11-2014
Dr. Saper was excellent! He was very thorough and genuinely concerned with helping my daughter get better. He wanted to get to the root of the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on it. We were able, through the team, to find the reason for her headaches and to also bring the pain down to the lowest its been in 3 months. The team also was able to find a maintenance program through trial and error of medicines. This was the best experience ever.

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D.L. (Patient) 12-27-2013
Dr. Saper is ver smart. He began looking at my headache from an angle that up to this point no other doctor had. He has begun to find more answers in one week then multiple neurologists have in the past 6 years.

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Karen l (Patient) 09-01-2013
Dr. Saper listened very well to my husband and I and helped us make a plan of action.

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Cheryl D (Patient) 06-25-2013
My Southern manners have nothing but the upmost thankfulness to Dr. Saper and his Awesome staff for their true concern to the patient's real problem, Pain! I appreciate all of their help in finding my way back to pain free days!

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Heather K (Patient) 05-18-2013
Everyone at MHNI and cch were so professional and willing to go above and beyond to get to the bottom of my problems.

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Paul f (Patient) 04-06-2013
I think every doctor and the nurse was exceptional, the care was nurturing and compassionate...Paul Foley

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A.S. (Patient) 03-14-2013
I thought the morning conferences were excellent! It really sets this program apart from all others.

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David S (Patient) 02-16-2013
Everyone at the clinic and hospital made my stay very pleasant, everyone was easy to work with and cared greatly for my needs. I was unsure what to expect when I arrived at the hospital, but was greeted with kindness and open arms.

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Robert H (Patient) 11-16-2012
The clinical staff is excellent, but you generally only see them at rounds. PAs only come every other day or so. I would like a Dr to actually exam me each day.

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Lou O. (Patient) 11-07-2012
Dr Saper and the staff were very knowlegable and helpful in finding a problem that many other specialists had not been able to find. While Dr. Saper can be a bit gruff at times, the staff set up, especially the personalized nurse practioner made it easy to address my concerns. The classes were useful and informative.

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Marsha K (Patient) 10-31-2012
Patience and humor go a long way. Marsha K

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Hunter W. (Patient) 09-05-2012
Saper is great. The reason to be here. About as knowledgeable about headache medicine as anyone out there. Patients are fortunate to have access to him. He doesn't mince words and will tell you what he thinks but why else are you here. Have an open mind and he'll help you feel better. Excellent clinical staff. Caring smart nurses. Should all be applauded. Hunter W., Ann Arbor, MI

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Caitlin F. (Patient) 08-16-2012
Dr. Saper was very thorough and concerned about my particular type of pain. In questioning me, he was able to come up with a diagnosis and then treated me. This has resulted in my headache going away. Dr. Saper is very caring and concerned, which makes him easy to talk to. Caitlin F., Austin,TX

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Brad V. (Patient) 07-30-2012
Dr. Saper made me feel at ease through the whole process, as for that matter, did the whole staff. AAA. - Brad V., Newport, MI

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R.C. (Patient) 04-01-2012
Dr. Saper is so so very patient and obviously knowledgeable. Explains all. - RC, Southfield MI

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Richard H (Patient) 02-23-2012
Dr. Saper is very professional and always takes the time necessary to listen and offer a cogent treatment plan. I am very satisfied and have recommended Dr. Saper, and MHNI, to others. - Richard Herbert, Grosse Pointe, MI

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