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Rice (Patient) 09-23-2011
Dr. Oliver is my OBGYN, She's AWESOME! If you're looking for someone who is informative, friendly, comforting, trustworthy and experienced. She is definitely the one! She is different from any other doctor I've had. I think God that my sister introduced me to her.Good doctors are hard to find. She's a keeper! I highly recommend her!

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Paige (Patient) 03-31-2010
Dr. Oliver was my doctor when I was pregnant with my daughter. She is awesome, I absolutely loved her. She is very caring, informative and like others said, has a great sense of humor. I sent 3 friends to her and they all love her too, she is wonderful!

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Emily (Patient) 02-02-2010
She is really nice. She did a wonderful job as a doctor when I was pregnant with my son which she delivered and she also did my hysterectomy!!

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Summer M (Patient) 07-11-2008
Dr. Oliver is amazing! She is my gynecologist and was also my OB throughout my first pregnancy. We were so lucky to have her deliver our son! She has a way of making even the most anxious patient feel at ease and I absolutely love her sense of humor! You can always count on Dr. Oliver to tell it to ya straight, and to always leave you feeling informed and reassured. My husband and I joke that we would follow her if she moved because we want her to deliver all of our kids! She was recommended to me and I'd highly recommend her to anyone.

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Kandi (Patient) 03-07-2007
Dr. Oliver is my doctor. She is just wonderful- very compassionate, kind, and has a great sense of humor. When you talk with Dr. Oliver, you really feel like you can tell her anything...she is great!

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