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New Jersey

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Kathleen M (Patient) 10-08-2013
Dr Henselder is caring and competent. She takes time with her patients, explains things clearly and patiently. She has never been rushed, brusque or unconcerned. She also talks to you like an adult…never down to you. She contacts you immediately about lab reports and again, takes time to answer every question…a gem.

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Cindi Dickey (Patient) 03-11-2007
Dr. Henselder is down-to-earth, kind, gentle, and an excellent physician. What I like most about her is that she talks to you. She explains everything, in detail, with diagrams or models. She went through all the alternatives with me before suggesting a hysterectomy. And when she had to go that route, she was extremely comforting and positive. I can't imagine how she could possibly improve herself. Her practice is wonderful, as well, and her employees all follow her example of cheerfulness, kindness and positiveness. My daughter is going to Dr. Henselder, now, and that says a lot. My daughter is my heart and I would never send to her anyone but the best.

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