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IH (Patient) 01-13-2010
Look I ran across a lot of really rotten BS info on Dr. Robertson, so I am giving her the utmost respect by explaining that as a patient I have been given nothing but the best care by a professional concerned companionate Neurologist. I had struggled for years in pain turned away by other doctors (revered as the best UCSF, right…) that said I have “migraines” gave me narcotics like they were a lollipop, and sent me on my way with out so much as looking at me.
When I found Dr. Robertson, she listened and looked at me as a patient/person, not a chart ( and if you’ve really ever been sick, that’s what matters ) and proactively worked with me. She, sent me to see Dr. Reader (also wonderful!) and they both discovered I had Intracranial Hypertension, and was losing by vision among a host of other problems. They together knew I needed a tap ( 40ish, not good ) and put me on Diamox. A few months passed, I felt worse, explaining this to Dr. Robertson she sent me to the hospital where I had brain surgery that night! Now if that is horrible care then I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.
I find it highly unlikely that I am the only one that would have this experience consistently.
I also think its really sh*tty that “you” would compromise the image of a doctor that is clearly very capable of providing excellent care to those, like myself that can/do truly benefit under her care. If you have personal issues with her, please grow up and think about reality for a moment and don’t slander her as a professional.
I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Robertson and would 1000% trust my friends & family to be under her care, if need be which I hope they never have to experience. It is rough being sick and having a good relationship with your doctors can be just as vital to ones self as the treatment. Hope this is helpful to someone in need.

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