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Janie (Patient) 11-10-2011
I don't have words to explain my appreciation for Dr. Johns and his staff. He has amazing nurses (in specific Teresa and Crystal) that show their interests and concerns regarding their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Johns to any woman out there. I guarantee you, you won't have any regrets. -- jv

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Elizabeth (Patient) 06-18-2009
Dr. Johns delivered one of my children and has provided care for 27 years. He is an excellent physician; staying educated on the new methods in medicine while also referring patients to practicing physicians in the area when necessary( He refered my daughter to an OB/GYN still delivering babies who was just wonderful.) Your life and your health are in good hands with this physician.

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Lynn M (Patient) 09-05-2008
Dr. Johns is a treasure as a doctor. He is informed, practical, and very interested in his patient's wellfare. He is easy to communicate with and goes the extra step to see that you are not only given the best medical care but also understand what he is advising. He told me what steps to take and who to see when I discovered I had breast cancer. I would recommend him to women of all ages.

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JMoore (Patient) 03-19-2007
Dr. Johns is one of the best endo doctors in the US. He participated in many studies to help those who suffer with this condition. He doesn't just scrape adhesions out. Dr. Johns uses exision to remove the endo as well as a layer of healthy tissue to ensure the endo doesn't return in that area. He could improve his care with a better bed-side manner though. He tends to be in a hurry, and I was too intimidated to ask a lot of questions or express concerns/fears because of this. I actually didn't go to the second post-op after my 2003 lap because during our first post-op he seemed to be put out with me because I didn't qualify for one of the studies he was trying to involve me in. Additionally, he does not take Blue Cross Blue Shield for the Texas Teachers Retirement System, which basically excludes any teacher in Texas who would want to use his service.

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