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Dawn Marie (Patient) 01-10-2014
I underwent a minimally invasive hysterectomy with Dr. Nielson in December of 2013. He is an expert at this type of procedure and within two weeks post-op, I am back to most of my normal activities including work and limited physical activities. I had very little pain and zero complications. I highly recommend Dr. Nielson for any woman who is struggling with gynecological issues.

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Sandie (Patient) 08-06-2010
He is compassionate, thorough, and professional. He took the time to answer all of my questions in a way that I could understand. He also found a way to schedule my surgery in less than a week after I first had my appt. with him. I would recommend him to everyone I care about!

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Mary Lou (Patient) 04-18-2008
When I met Dr. Nielsen for the first time, I immediately felt a sense of dedication in what he believes in, especially when it comes to less invasive surgery, which is what he specializes in.
I am originally from the East coast area, so when it was explained to me that I needed major surgery, I felt very alone in this Midwest state not knowing where to start looking for the right surgeon. I started networking with co-workers and friends and searched the internet for doctors specializing in new innovative procedures relating to my medical condition.
Dr. Nielsen was the specialist I chose for a 2nd opinion. In my case Dr. Nielsen gave me other less invasive options and felt very strongly about saving my ovaries, so that I wouldn’t go into premature menopause. Before my surgery I was amazed how much time he spent going over my procedure, taking the time out to listen to every issue and concern I had, including my long list of questions. He is an articulate and detail oriented doctor. His personality is very calming, making it easy to talk with him.
I felt very confident going through with this less invasive surgery.
The procedure was called Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy. The uterus and the very large grapefruit sized fibroid extending above it were removed.
The procedure was very successful, and I feel very blessed to have had Dr. Nielson as my surgeon.
I will continue to see Dr. Nielsen for my health care needs as well as for future menopausal management which is one his specialties. His medical staff is excellent and the new medical facility in Maple Grove is beautiful.

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Melissa (Patient) 03-21-2007
I was sent to Dr. N after my OBGYN of 10 years had to make a choice to not perform my hysterectomy. When my husband and I met with Dr. N we felt an instant connection with him. He walked us through all of our concerns, questions and problems. He was featured in the Minneapolis/St.Paul for the top OBGYN in the state. He also teaches fellow surgeons in the state the new and updated medical procedures quite often. Chances are your current OB was taught by Dr. N. After my year check up this year, again it was a joy to see him and have his warm words comfort my worries. Both him and his staff at the Plymouth office and the North Memorial center are the best I've ever seen, and I would suggest them to anyone, you'll never need to go anywhere else again. They also have offices now in Maple Grove and Robbinsdale

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Maple Grove Hospital
Maple Grove Hospital 9875 Hospital Drive MN 55369
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Office 9825 Hospital Drive Suite 205 MN 55369
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(763) 520 -5520
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(763) 587 -7000
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(763) 520 -1791

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