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Richard Xavier BRENNAN MD
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Richard Xavier BRENNAN MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Missouri Saint Louis

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(City : Saint Louis)
(ZIP : 63128)
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Richard Xavier BRENNAN MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Laura (Patient) 10-08-2007
I have been seeing this doctor since before I had my first child, and he is now 5 years old. I am a mother of two and he has delivered both of my children at St. Anthony's. Words cannot express how great this doctor is. I have had different problems over the years and he always has answers to concern's and problems and doesn't sweep problems under the rug. He treats his patients well, he has a wonderful sense of humor, he will make you laugh! He listens to your concerns, follows up and tells you what would be the best thing to do. I do not think I would leave this doctor, ever! All three of them (the brothers) are great, but my preference is Richard Brennan. They come from a family of OB/GYN's and I live in North County now and I still drive all the way to south county ,through both pregnancies and for check ups, just because he is so wonderful. The best OB/GYN I have ever had and he is WORTH IT!! If you can get in, get an appointment today! You will love this guy!

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Angi (Patient) 03-27-2007
This doctor treats his patients as equals. He takes extra time in his office to answer all questions. He delivered my son 3 weeks early 10 lbs 11 ox no complications and very little stitches. He worked with me for several years with my issues. Even after my son was born he was very encouraging about possibilities. He used life changing instead of life threatning to ease my fears of a hysterectomy. 3 pays pre op visit told me... Its not a done deal. I want YOU to be sure about this. I told him I was scared. His response if you want to cancel & reschedule no problem. There is no way he could have scheduled in another patient.
My surgery developed internal bleeding he did not call a general surgeon, he let the urologist finish the bladder suspension and fixed my up himself. An additional 4 hours+ of his time. 7 weeks out I had emergency gall bladder surgery, I was in the hospital 6 days. He saw me on his rounds. I had my 6 week appt rescheduled to see him after I was released he said NO. She will be too tender. Schule her next week. 1 hour before my appt again could not fill my time in. His patients come FIRST!!!
I do not think I would be this ok with my surgery if it was not for him. If you are near St Louis ( say 10 states away) he is that good!!! you need to see him for an opinion. I will not trust any other Dr for myself or my girls!!!
He is a rare doctor. He has a sense of humor that relaxes you. For example after I had my gall bladder taken out and he saw me... his comment was...Angi Angi Angi... Are you trying to see how many body parts you can live without? Even the nurses at the hospital said he is always smiling and never hear complaints about him.

Dr Richard Brennan 1-314- 849-3711
Ask for Richard Brennan, Its 3 brothers!

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Office 12812 Tesson Ferry Rd Saint Louis 63128
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St Louis Univ Sch Of Med, St Louis Mo 63104
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(32 years of experience)

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