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KAREN (Patient) 10-25-2008
I highly recommend Dr. Foster. OB/GYN - 4 weeks post op and I'm feeling so much better. I went from health concern, to an appt. with Dr. Foster, to ultrasound, and diagnosis, quickly. I was able to discuss my options with Dr. Foster. His office staff is very helpful and generates all paperwork quickly and explained the entire process from what is required of them and my insurance. His office staff personally called in my prescriptions when I left the hospital directly to my pharmacy. I selected St. Rose Martin Hospital and was very happy with the hospital, the staff and they took excellent care of me. The entire experience from Doctor, to surgery, the hospital to home recovery was positive. I'm blessed to have such awesome doctors as Miller, Turner & Foster. I've been a patient of theirs for 4 years.

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Jennifer (Patient) 04-05-2007
Dr Foster was the second Surgeon I went to see when I found out I needed a Hysterectomy. I went for a second opinion and boy am I glad I did, He was wonderful ! Answered all my questions and even discovered a problem (tilted uterus) that no other Dr had told me about in the 12 years I had been going to Gyn's. He was a amazing surgeon, left a very tiny scar and has a wonderful bedside manner. He still answers all my questions and concerns post op and explains everything very well. I have been to around 6-8 OBGYN's in my life and He is by far the best in the Las Vegas area I highly recommend Him to any of my Hystersisters, you won't be sorry. Oh and His office and staff are all very friendly and helpful, its a joy going in to see them all. Dr. Turner is His partner and She too is a wonderful Dr.

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St. Rose Siena
St. Rose Siena 3001 St. Rose Parkway NV 89052
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Office 3005 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 100 NV 89052
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(702) 6165000
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(702) 8987226
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(702) 8986921

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Meharry Medical College
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(44 years of experience)

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