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Obstetrics & Gynecology - New Jersey Somers Point

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New Jersey

(City : Somers Point)
(ZIP : 08244)
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Philip A KORZENIOWSKI MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Carmen G (Patient) 08-07-2016
I had a very high risk pregnancy and had already lost a pregnancy last year when I was twelve weeks pregnant. With this recent pregnancy I was so nervous and I called the office so often that I probably drove Dr K crazy and the office staff crazy with all of my worrying and questions. Dr K was always so calming and kind and he "talked me off the ledge" a few times when I was in panic mode about little things. I am happy to say in part thanks to him and his great office staff my husband and I have a healthy baby girl. I highly recommend this office and Dr Korzeniowski. The office is clean and the staff is always very helpful which is a plus.

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Jen L (Patient) 10-16-2008
Dr. Korzenioski did my third C-section. I was very nervous about it, because of many complications with my first two C-sections (by other doctors!). Dr. Korzeniowski listened to me carefully, and did everything that was possible to alleviate my concerns. As a result, this surgery went much more smoothly than I had expected, and my recovery time was much less. I would recommend this doctor to anyone! He is gentle and kind.

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Office 829 Shore Rd Atlantic Somers Point NJ 08244
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Office Phone # :
(609) 9273070
Fax # :
(609) 9272553

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Univ Of Ca, Los Angeles, Ucla Sch Of Med, Los Angeles Ca 90024
Graduation Year
(28 years of experience)

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