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North Carolina

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Margot (Patient) 06-10-2011
Dr Hansen Lindner has taken care of me thru several years of infertility, laparoscopic fibroid surgery, treatment of endometriosis and finally---my delivery! i am so thankful for her kindness, her wonderful staff, the time she takes with my husband and my questions---and the dedication she has to her patients. I have never had a doctor take CARE of me like she has.
God Bless You Dr Lindner!

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margot (Patient) 05-03-2011
She was able to do my laparoscopic (sp?) surgery which helped my husband and I get pregnant. we saw two other doctors who wanted to make a big incision which would have been a 6 week recovery time. she is very caring and she listened.

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aubrey (Patient) 05-02-2007
very smart and on top of the latest and greatest. had great answers to all of my questions and took the time with me which is rare.

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Sue (Patient) 04-17-2007
This doctor is absolutely awesome! She is an OB/GYN. I have had problems for 20+ years and she was the first doctor who really listened. She performed a hysterectomy that I tried to get done 10 years ago and no one would do it. Once she completed he procedure she totally understood why I had had all the issues that I did and said it should have been done years ago. She has greatly helped improve the quality of my life and attitude for the future. I can't thank her enough!

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Carolinas Medical Center
Carolinas Medical Center 1000 Blythe Boulevard, Charlotte, NC NC 28204
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Office 1025 Morehead Medical Plaza NC 28204
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(704) 3552000
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(704) 4461700
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(704) 4461760

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University of Pennsylvania
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(27 years of experience)

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