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Internal Medicine - Louisiana Bossier City

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(City : Bossier City)
(ZIP : 71111)
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Internal Medicine

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Zeke A (Patient) 12-11-2009

I highly recommend Dr. Balogh! I moved to the ARK-LA-TEX from Baton Rouge about 12 years ago. I had not yet located a doctor and unfortunately contracted Chicken Pox at 33. I received a referral from the emergency room for Dr. Balogh. The virus/fever/itching and other complications associated caused me to feel terrible. Dr. Balogh did everything possible to make me comfortable both medically and with his positive attitude.
Unknowingly, Dr. Balogh and I just happened to live in the same apartment complex (we were both looking for a house) and he told my wife that if she needed him to call or come and knock on his door. I would describe this offer as "above and beyond the call of duty" I should also note that at the same time that I had this virus, my three month old son had Chicken Pox as well. Needless to say that this was a very difficult time for my wife as well.
Over the past 12 years I have come into contact with other patients of Dr. Balogh and the have had experiences like mine. This strengthens my loyalty for Dr. Balogh knowing that my experience(s) with this man is not the exception but the rule.
Zeke A

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Rick T (Patient) 12-14-2007
There is no better doctor in the ArkLaTex. He is the most caring and thorough doctor I have ever been to in my 61 years. He always remembers each client and exhibits great concern for their health. He will personally call with lab results and always follows up on every consultation.

He also has a great personality and bedside manner.
Don't let the name fool you! Go see him!

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Toni (Patient) 04-28-2007
I am highly recommending Dr. Attila Balogh, to anyone who needs total care. Dr. Balogh treats all of his patients with such care, compassion, gentleness and knowledge. I supervise group homes for the mentally retarded and mentally ill and Dr. Balogh has cared for them for at least 10 years now. When we lost our other doctor, I asked around and Dr. Balogh came highly recommended by many people in his field and out of it. I approached him with the group homes and he was kind enough at accept as their treating physician.

After I saw the care that Dr. B provided to our clients, I knew that I wanted him for my personal physician and that of my family. We have been with him over 9 years now and dearly love this man.

How many doctors do you know that will make house calls? That will see someone in a store and then call to say, I was concerned about how Jane was walking - or her stomach seemed a bit distended - I think I should see her in the office? Dr. Balogh finds gifts, and money in his pocket to give to the lower level clients. He remembers each of them, he talks to them as if they were you and I.. he cares more than anyone I have ever seen and I have been in this field of social work for 29 years now. The care that he gives to these clients and to ALL of his patients goes way above and beyond ! When a client had surgery and was having great difficulty, Dr. B called in every specialist needed to deal with him, made 2-3 hospital visits to see him every day and on weekends. And when he came home...Dr. B came to the group home to see him in the evenings and on weekends for 10 days!! The charge for all of this extra care? NOTHING! They all love him. They all trust him. They all respect him. So do I.

For Christmas last year, I took the clients Christmas shopping and we wanted to buy Dr. B a gift. The clients decided to buy him an Angel... so that she could watch over him.... as he watches over them. That says it all, doesn't it?

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