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Luana Jeanne KYSELKA MD
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Luana Jeanne KYSELKA MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Michigan Troy

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(City : Troy)
(ZIP : 48084)
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Luana Jeanne KYSELKA MD's Special Expertises :
Gynecology Reproductive Endocrinology

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Book Lady (Patient) 05-02-2007
Dr Kyselka is also a Reproductive Endocronologist and skilled in Laproscopic surgeries. She has been my Dr for over 15 years and I find her professional, knowledgable and I just love her staff. Her staff has been pretty much the same all the time I have gone there which tells me her character as an employer must be much like her presentation to her patients.

I started with her after a series of Drs said irregular pap meant i was heading (at 22) for a hyst 'to be safe'. She said lets watch it for a while, never mentioned surgery. 3 years later and there after, everything cane back normal.

Last year when she suggested a hyst, I was ready. This time was for different reasons but I trusted her opinion, in part because of our previous discussions.

She had to convert to an abdominal last year but even so, my incision is smaller than most. She had said in one of my visits she believes smaller incisions heal faster than larger ones. My recovery was fine and I felt well taken care of.

She isn't a touchy feely Dr. I'm not saying she's cold, just professionally detached. And that's fine with me, I trust her.

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Office 2877 Crooks Rd Ste D Troy 48084
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Office Phone # :
(248) 6436634
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(248) 6437165

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Wayne State Univ Sch Of Med, Detroit Mi 48201
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(41 years of experience)

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