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Karen S (Patient) 08-21-2016
When I first was trying to find a gynecologist a few years ago, I randomly called and the receptionist recommended Dr. Sharon. Not only is he the best gynecologist I have ever gone to, but one of the top two doctors for me and I am picky. He is kind, gentle, and provides quality care. He really does care about all of his patients, and it shows that through a personal touch by treating you like you are more than another number. He actually calls you when there is a problem to give you the information rather than having a nurse call. I have rarely seen that in my life with other doctors. So I highly recommend him due to his bedside manner, expertise and quality care. You can't go wrong with him

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Betty R (Patient) 05-15-2007
It had been 8 years since I had my pap test and mammogram, needless to say I was scared to death, wondering what they'd find and what his reaction would be. Dr. Sharon was very gentle, very kind and put me totally at ease. He had my best interest at heart and from now on NO OTHER GYN DOCTOR has my full confidence....only DR. SHARON.

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Michelle W (Patient) 05-06-2007
Dr. Sharon is wonderful. This entire group is good He is a younger Dr.(40's) and is very smart and a great Dr. He is so compassionate and really cares about his patients. He is up on all the latest and really makes you feel comfortable.He answers all questions and explains things. He did surgery on me twice and I am really thankful to have a great physician!

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