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Plastic Surgery - Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

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(City : Pittsburgh)
(ZIP : 15213)
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Dennis Jay HURWITZ MD's Special Expertises :
Plastic Surgery Craniofacial Surgery

Suggestions & Reviews for Dennis Jay HURWITZ MD
A. Kirk (Patient) 04-23-2014
In great hands,.

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Christine B. (Patient) 02-28-2014
I could not have asked for a better experience, the doctor and his staff were very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I came in unsure of what size was the best fit for me and Dr. Hurwitz made me feel very satisfied and happy with the results. Wonderful experience!

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Karen P (Patient) 12-05-2013
All my visits to Dr. Hurwitz' office were very informative and highly uplifting.All the staff went out out of their way to make sure that my questions, concerns, and --, yes, fears were all positively addressed. I frankly not felt that comfortable with ANY medical staff, including Dr. Hurwitz, EVER !!! The lift was great, and I am super satisfied with my new look ! It has been the best investment in me I have ever spent !!!

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P.L.K. (Patient) 10-02-2013
I am totally thrilled with the results of my breast enhancement surgery! It has been just over six months and my body looks and feels better than ever yet just like it has always been this way! The recommendations of Dr. Hurwitz were exactly what I wanted and the end result is exactly what I pictured it would be. The office staff is both friendly and professional making me feel comfortable and well cared for throughout the entire experience! This is the only surgery I have ever had and was one of the best decisions I ever made!

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Kristy P. (Patient) 04-03-2013
Great Experience, So Happy with my results.

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Zack (Patient) 08-12-2012
With the knowledge and staff of Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, I recieved the best surgery, recovery, and treatment I could have expected. After the surgery, my life took a complete turn around, in the right direction. I strongly recommend Dr. Hurwitz for any operation you are seeking to have. Zack, Pittsburgh, PA

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Katherine (Patient) 08-30-2011
From our very first contact, everyone treated us with kindness and consideration. Dr. Hurwitz's body contouring skills are above and beyond all we had heard and all we could have wished for. I am healing well, enjoying new things about my body and receiving compliments daily on the outstanding work on my ?new? body! Katherine

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T. O. K. (Patient) 08-02-2011
This was my first surgery and I was scared as the date got closer but on the morning that I arrived for my surgery I was strangely calm and had complete confidence in my doctor and his staff. Everyone that I came in contact with at the center was just as kind as Dr. Hurwitz and made my experience far better than I had ever imagined that an elective surgery could be. Several months after my surgery I could not be happier with the changes that Dr. Hurwitz and I have made. T. O. K.

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MA.Q. (Patient) 05-19-2011
I waited a few years for a consultation with Dr. Hurwitz. When I first met Dr. Hurwitz, I immediately felt that he was professional and he had such confidence, which made me very safe and confident in my choice. At the first meeting we agreed on breast reduction. He also suggested liposuction for my abdomen, to even out my figure. He gave me a great description and an image of what his goal was with the liposuction and I whole-heartedly agreed with his advice. I want to thank Dr. Hurwitz and the entire staff for giving me a new starting point and a more positive spin on my entire life! M.Q.

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Lori A (Patient) 04-25-2011
I was a little apprehensive about having the surgery. After, I came in and met Dr. Hurwitz and had my consultation I felt very comfortable and at ease about going through with the surgery. The results are astounding! I love my new body and I feel more confident and assertive about my self and I owe it all to Dr. Hurwitz. I have received so many compliments about my new figure. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the results.

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Office 3109 Forbes Avenue PA 15213
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Office Phone # :
(412) 8026100
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(412) 8027700

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University of Maryland School of Medicine
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(48 years of experience)

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