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Mark Frithjof GARNAAS MD
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Mark Frithjof GARNAAS MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Montana Missoula

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(City : Missoula)
(ZIP : 59804)
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Mark Frithjof GARNAAS MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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PrincessFiona60 (Patient) 06-09-2014
Dr Garnaas listened and made me comfortable in a situation that was not comfortable. I was certain I needed and wanted a hysterectomy after testing showed I had ovarian cysts and a fibroid tumor. Dr. Garnaas supported my and my husbands decision, he did his best to perform the surgery I wanted, even though he had to change horses in midstream, going from DaVinci to TAH. I have finally found a GYN that I really like after 30 years of avoiding them. Thanks Dr. Garnaas!

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Stacy Hall (Patient) 01-13-2007
Dr. Garnaas is a very knowledgeable, kind and caring person. He genuinely cares about his patients as human beings rather than walking body parts, verifying my emotional health, overall physical health, and new family history in a way that shows he he tying it all in as part of me. When I had two sisters diagnosed with cancers (ovarian and breast) almost simultaneously, he was an extremely helpful, warm, empathetic, reassuring and supportive resource in my search for answers to how best to minimize my risks of those cancers. Prior to this crisis, he saw me through menopause, making sure I was educated, monitored and comfortable. I would highly recommend him to any woman looking for an obgyn in this area, expecially any woman who does not see a general practitioner regularly.

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Office 2835 Fort Missoula Rd Missoula 59804
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Office Phone # :
(206) 3238677
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(406) 3297526

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Medical School
Univ Of Wa Sch Of Med, Seattle Wa 98195
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(32 years of experience)

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