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Susanna Hosook CHOI MD
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Susanna Hosook CHOI MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Colorado Greenwood Village

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(City : Greenwood Village)
(ZIP : 80111)
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Susanna Hosook CHOI MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Gayla L (Patient) 12-10-2007
I have been a patient of Dr. Susanna Choi since 1999, when I was recommended to her by a friend who suffered as I did with severe systemic yeast issues. Dr. Choi and her staff of nutrition experts helped me through some very trying years of severe thyroid disease, digestion and nutrient absorption deficiencies, and chronic yeast symptoms. By using leading edge BioMeridian technology, Dr. Choi and her staff prescribed supplements, diet, and hormones specific to my health profile which brought about amazing changes resulting in an optimum wellness state that I have not known for many years - if ever.

In addition, I have had issues with suspicious breast mammograms - specifically asymmetric breast densities. While my mammograms are performed elsewhere, Dr. Choi follows up each annual exam with her own Sentinel BreastScan (again, leading edge technology) which measures infrared energy that can detect the first signs of a possible cancer forming - up to ten years before other procedures can detect it. If necessary, she can perform further follow-up onsite with ultrasound. And no waiting to get the results! It takes ten minutes for the breast scan - and it is radiation and pain free.

I am now being treated by Dr. Choi for perimenopausal symptoms, and feel confident that I am on a safe, appropriate treatment because of the methods she uses (again BioMeridian technology) to ascertain the exact treatment needed for my body.

Dr. Choi's empowering, professional and compassionate manner continue to impress me - as well as her vast knowledge and commitment to offering the best up-to-the-minute options available to her patients. She and her staff are the "dream team" for any woman in search of the best health care available. It's miraculous that I found her - and miraculous what she has brought about in my health and overall state of well being. Thank God for Dr. Choi!

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Mai (Patient) 05-25-2007
Dr. Susanna Choi (pronounced chey) is a knowledgeable and caring physician. She has delivered two of my children and also cared for me during a stillborn pregnancy. She is a Christian and was very compassionate during our loss. She listens well to my concerns and addresses them. I personally like seeing a woman gynecologist and feel more comfortable talking with her about certain issues such as lidibo, etc. I had a hysterectomy last year and she did an exceptional job on bowel and bladder repair. She works with an excellent anesthesia team. Her mother, Dr. Alice Sun, also an OB/GYN is in practice with her and assisted in the surgery. She has been extremely helpful to me most recently in dealing with pre-menopausal issues that I am facing in a way I have not experienced with male physicians. She also speaks Korean if that would be helpful to you. As a Christian physician, she has also taken time off to serve women in third world countries on her own time and her own dime. I truly love this doctor.

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Office 8200 E Belleview Ave Ste 240-E Greenwood Village 80111
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(303) 9866446
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(303) 9863430

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Univ Of Co Sch Of Med, Denver Co 80262
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(40 years of experience)

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