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Stephen Anthony WOLFE MD
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Stephen Anthony WOLFE MD
Plastic Surgery - Florida Miami

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(City : Miami)
(ZIP : 33125)
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Stephen Anthony WOLFE MD's Special Expertises :
Plastic Surgery Craniofacial Surgery

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Chris S (Patient) 04-26-2010
My Brother and I were born with Aperts Sydrome and many years my family would travel to Miami see doctor Wolfe and he did many Surgeries on us and we did like the job he done. Doctor Wolfe is a very super Doctor and he is know for anyone in the world. He is the best.

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Martha C (Patient) 09-08-2009
My daughter was born with Bi-Lateral Cleft Lip/Palette. Her first surgeon was Dr. Ralph Millard (now retired) Known as the World's Best Surgeon for Cleft Lip and Palette.. Dr. Wolfe trained under Dr. Millard for years and when Dr. Millard retired Dr. Wolfe took over his practice and clients. We were confident in continuing with him, seeing as if Dr. Millard trusts him enough to give his patients and practice over to him. Then we would do the same. My daughter has had over 7 surgeries and 4 with Dr. Wolfe. He is kind and patient and will not sugarcoat reality for you. He really cares about the children he deals with and never makes them or their families feel like a burden. We live out of the area and I still recommend him to parents who has a Cleft Lip/Palette Child. Knowing they will be astonished with the results and satisfied that their child will have the Best Doctor Available. All of the children I've met in his Office and at the Hospital are confident and smile knowing all will be well in time! People travel to him from all over the world. We have seen the same families over the years who make trips from St. Petersburg, Russia and Europe. I suggest him to anyone needing any type of Cranio-Facial Surgery.

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Office 1444 NW 14th Ave Fl 2 Miami-Dade Miami FL 33125
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(305) 3251300
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(305) 5455748
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Harvard Med Sch, Boston Ma 02115
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