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NexusBabe (Patient) 09-03-2009
I met Dr. Reynolds in mid 2008 when I became pregnant with my second daughter. I had originally sought out his partner Dr. French as my primary OBGYN because I really thought I would feel most comfortable with a woman. Obviously because you cant really guarantee that your doctor will be the one to deliver your baby I had to meet the rest of the staff at their practice (Crown Mountain Womens Health, located in both Dahlonega GA and Dawsonville GA). The first time I met him it was just a general visit. I thought he was really friendly and genuine. I felt really comfortable with him and Dr. French. They actually performed my c-section together at Chestatee Regional Hospital. My c-section was routine and although I had gestational diabetes, everything turned out perfectly thanks to their care. My stay at the hospital was just wonderful. I know there is a lot of negativity concerning the hospital but I really trusted my doctors and if they said it was going to be just perfect, I knew it was going to be. Im not a first time mom either. I had prior experience to compare this to. And believe me, everything was exactly as it should be.
Post partum checkups were then done by Dr. Reynolds and through that I started to get to know him more and trust him more. Initially my thoughts were "where is my lady doctor?!" but hes got such a wonderful demeanor and he treats you more like youre a peer instead of the all knowing trillion years of medical school guy and the common patient. I really appreciate that he takes the time to talk to you, to listen to you, and to let you get your concerns/fears/worries off your chest. His conversation with you is validating versus condescending. It makes all the difference in your comfort levels as well as confidence in your doctors. I really love their whole practice and I will continue to go there for all my annual exams etc. And if youre considering them for any reason you really need to go and meet them. Why travel down to Cumming or Alpharetta to see a doctor when you have top notch care right on your door step? It also cant help that theyre a vibrant practice breathing life, income and employment opportunities into the Dahlonega community. I may be biased, but when you've had a great experience, you want everyone to know about it!

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Pamela B (Patient) 06-11-2007
Dr Brandon Reynolds has been my Gyn for a little over a year. I knew I needed a hystectomy but had been putting it off for several years. Though Dr Reynolds told me that it would be in my best interest he never pressured me in any way to have one . When the time came and I couldn't put it off any longer Dr Reynolds explained he would be doing a LAVH and explained eveything that would happen. Dr Reynolds is a wonderful man. He is very comforting and gentle and never rushed me when I had questions. My surgery went VERY well and I have had no issues or complications what so ever. Judging from the way my hystectomy went he was very meticulous and knows what he is doing. He truly was a Godsend to me.
He is located in Dahlonega,Ga. His practice is called
Crown Mountain Womens's Health. He is also one of the few Dr's in the area that does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.

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