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Rachelle G (Patient) 07-09-2014
He is a great doctor. Easy to talk to and makes time to talk to you. He doesn't make you feel like you are being rushed. He will answer any questions you have. I recommend him to everyone. His nurses and staff are the best also. I had hysterectomy, bladder sling, and A &P surgery. Him and his nurses were very comforting & friendly before and after surgery. I had a rough time during my recovery and they were very comforting, I couldn't have asked for better.

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Robin (Patient) 06-16-2007
First off, Dr. Mallette delivered my daughter 14 yrs ago. I was a 20 yr old child that didn't know anything about the world, much less about children. He helped me through the pregnancy and through the following year. I didn't see Dr. Mallette again until last month when I finally broke down and went in for a checkup for painful periods with lots of blood clots. We discussed several possiblities that didn't involve a hysterectomy. I had to do an ultrasound before I could have the procedure. Unfortunately the results were not what either one of us was hoping for. 2 tumors. He immediately calmed down this patient and started talking options and solutions. He made sure to schedule the surgery so that it accomadated my work schedule. He gave me all kinds of information. He answered every question I had. He had the brilliance to hire an awesome staff that took care of everything (insurance, pre-op tests, etc) All I have to do is show up. He's made this happen in 3 weeks. I recommend him to my daughter, my friends, and everyone else. The quality of service far surpasses any other care I have ever gotten from a physician.

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