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Sally (Patient) 06-23-2007
I met Dr. Lisa Leonard back in November of 2003 shortly after her coming to Albuquerque. I am or was at a high risk for getting ovarian and breast cancer. It was suggested by my oncologist that I have an oopherectomy and bilateral mastectomies to lower my risk. Dr. Lisa Leonard was the doctor I chose to do my oopherectomy. I met with her in November of 2003 and talked about my concerns and what my options were. She listened to me. I told her what I was wanting to do and the time frame I had. She explained everything that was going to happen and what I was going to go through. She suggested that with my high risk that I should probably have my uterus removed as well since uterine cancer also ran in my family. Dr. Leonard undertood why I was seeking surgery even though I was healthy. After listening and asking many, many questions, I decided to have the complete hysterectomy. I also needed to have mastectomies to lower my risk for breast cancer. I wanted to have both procedures done at the same time. She explained to me what the issues would be in doing them together but agreed if my other doctor was okay with it. My other doctor agreed to do them together. They both let me know that doing them together would take a tremendous toll on my body. Dr. Leonard made sure I understood the risks and that the recovery time would be longer. Dr. Leonard worked with me, my other doctor and the time frame. The surgeries worked out.

Dr. Lisa Leonard cares about her patients and really does listen to them. I have had two other surgeries with her since the original and I am okay! I continue to see her at least once a year or more if needed. My daughter is now pregnant and will see Dr. Lisa Leonard for her prenatal care. I have recommended friends to her as well. She is a great doctor that really cares about her patients, what she does and what her patients have to say! She listens and truly does understand.

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