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Stephen Frank LEFLER MD
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Stephen Frank LEFLER MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Arkansas Searcy

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(City : Searcy)
(ZIP : 72143)
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Stephen Frank LEFLER MD's Special Expertises :
Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Christina (Patient) 10-29-2007
Lefler delivered my little brother in 1992.He was born early with lots of complications and Dr. Lefler was really great with both him and my mother.So I used him with my daughter which is now two years old,a miscarriage last year,he done a leap procedure on me at the beginning of this year,and I am now seven moths pregnant and he has been really great with me,my husband, and my daughter through it all . I recommend him to everyone.Him and his staff are all very caring and friendly.

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Sloan D (Patient) 06-24-2007
Dr. Lefler has been a coworker and friend for many years as well as my doctor. He treats me with respect and understands the extra implications of taking care of someone who is a friend and coworker as well as a patient. He has delivered two of my children, assisted me through a miscarriage, treated my endometiosis and chronic pelvic pain for years, finally culminating in my total hyst and removal of both ovaries. He is one I know I could call on at any moment and he would do anything for me. He is known for being compassionate with his poorest patients helping them in ways that are not medical but as a friend would. He is great at including my husband in conversation and explainations. He is very medically smart and up and coming with new information. He is an active member of ACOG and a fellow. I trust him with my life, and have several times now, including my babies lives.

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Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center
Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center 1808 West Main Street AR 72801
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Office 105 Skyline Drive AR 72801
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Office Phone # :
(479) 8907158
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(501) 2793719
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(479) 8907101

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Univ of Ark for Medical Sciences
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(32 years of experience)

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