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Jonathan FRANCO MD
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Jonathan FRANCO MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology - Colorado Fort Collins

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(City : Fort Collins)
(ZIP : 80525)
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Obstetrics And Gynecology

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Suzie M. (Patient) 10-14-2009
After moving to Colorado in 2007, I put off the unpleasant task of finding a new GYN doctor. Generally, this is an annual visit that you face with much dread, and being new here and not knowing many people, it was difficult to find a reliable recommendation. After a disasterous visit to another physician in 2008, I again, put off finding a new doctor. I had decided I was not going to find a doctor here, and made an appointment to see my former doctor during a visit to my home town this summer. At the last minute, I cancelled my appt., deciding I really needed to find a local doctor. I had received a flyer from Dr. Franco's office about a year previously and had just tucked it away, still putting off finding a new doctor. Now that I was several months past due for my annual exam, I remembered the flyer, pulled it out, and thought to myself, "He looks nice enough, I will give him a try." I was PLEASANTLY surprised, impressed, and completely at ease, from the moment I walked through the door. His staff is kind and welcoming and the furnishings are calming. Then, I had my opportunity to meet Dr. Franco, and I must say, he is AMAZING! He has such a gentle demeanor, and I felt like he was truly listening to what I was telling him, and truly cared about my needs and my situation.

I had been experiencing heavier than normal bleeding for over two years and was to the point that it was disrupting my social activities at times and I felt like I just could no longer deal with it. After extensive tests to make sure there were no underlying conditions, Dr. Franco and I agreed that it would be in my best interest to proceed with a LSH hysterectomy assisted by the DaVinci robot. Dr. Franco operated on me 10 days ago, and I must say, I feel FANTASTIC! Just 3 days after surgery, I was in disbelief that I had just undergone such a major surgery, yet felt so wonderful. Although still a bit weak and feeling just the slightest tenderness at the incision sites, Dr. Franco has had to remind me that I am still recovering and I must continue to rest and take it easy! Otherwise, I feel well enough to resume all normal activity! I honestly feel like Dr. Franco's experience and gentle hand as well as his caring demeanor has made this the BEST possible outcome for me.

THANK YOU THANK YOU Dr. Franco. You are an amazing doctor and I am so grateful that I found you!!! I look forward to our association for many years to come!

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Jenny (Patient) 06-28-2007
I am a patient of Dr. Franco and received a LSH in June 2007. I had suffered from painful periods, excessive bleeding and clots about twice a month, and felt overall worn out. Dr. Franco suggested that I have a LSH (Laproscopic Supracervical Hystericamy) leaving my ovaries and cervix to further my quality of life. Dr. Franco is an experienced physician who offers updated and safe procedures that minimize the down time from such serious procedures. Not only has he delivered all that he stated but my healing time has been quick and my downtime was minimal!

Dr. Franco has one of the gentlest bedside manners that I have ever come acrossed!! Not only did he settle all my fears, he answered ALL my questions, concerns, and fears with the utmost respect, sincerity, and honesty! Without Dr. Franco I truly believe that my surgery, recovery and new life would not have gone as well and I won't have as much to look forward to!!

Thank you so much Dr. Franco for all that you have done for me and help me with!

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